3.5 Things To Look For Going Into Tonight’s TNA Impact! (7/17)


TNA is all new tonight, this show has been in the can for some time now. TNA has changed their ways (supposedly) and let’s see the beginning of what could be a whole new TNA. Here is your 3.5 things to look out for going into tonight’s Tonight’s TNA Impact broadcast.

1. TNA Goes To NYC 

This will be the first show that will be held in New York City and really it’s supposed to be the reboot for the company. We have heard this several times and if this is really true, it’s certainly welcomed. TNA will have a rabid fans in attendance, who will tell them what they think. This could be TNA’s saving grace, or their worst nightmare.

2.TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Bobby Lashley (c) Vs. Jeff Hardy 

Hardy has gotten rid of Willow or at least for now, quite frankly, get rid of it. Hardy is a WWE guy or at least is what he is seen as. Lashley is not the strongest promo guy in the world, but is a decent to good wrestler. He brings legitimacy to TNA and that is something that Hardy cannot bring TNA. While, Lashley’s TNA title run has been short, I just do not see how anything can be moved forward and made somewhat progress with Hardy as champion.

3. Dreamer and Bully Vs. Ethan Carter III and Rhino 

Three former ECW guys and one rookie who could be a real star. If I was booking, have EC3 go over. Rhino came out of the blue, but for once, TNA has given a decent reasoning on why he is back in TNA. Dreamer and Bully can afford a loss, Rhino and EC3 need to prove they are a threat.

3.5: TNA You Can Change 

Some hate them and some love them, TNA this is your chance to make an Impact! Make some changes to your stories and show us why we should support you.

Thanks for reading, what do you think will happen on tonight’s show? Let us know in the comment area below.

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  • ThatOnePerson:BeastForBusiness

    I’m looking forward to it. RAW was disappointing to me let’s see how TNA does tonight.

  • Dan K

    I’ve been looking forward to this since Slammiversary…TNA has been doing really well with their Slammiversary PPV, then a nice 4 weeks in Philly. They need to really bring in NYC.

  • Lashley is a WWE guy too. EC3 was a jobber in WWE who never did jack, therefore he can be a TNA guy if he succeeds. But Lashley is NOT a TNA guy.

    • Sir William Robert

      It has been a long time since Hardy and Lashley were in WWE it’s time to move on. I never watched Steve Austin thinking he was a WCW guy

  • #TheMan

    Huh, I thought you were going to used the .5 to take a crack at Rockstar Spud.

    Isn’t tonight the return of the 6 sided ring as well? I’m looking forward to that.

  • Sir William Robert

    TNA has got my interest again lately. They have got my interest a few times before and ended up disappointing but I’m staying positive. I like Lashley as a heel. He isn’t the best on the mic but he doesn’t need to be when he has MVP talking for him

  • ape

    What’s with the double “tonight’s”? Yet more silly mistakes from Mandy……I mean Andy.

    • Andrew

      Andy is a terrible “writer”. And he doesn’t like having it pointed out to him, either.

      Amazing how people who should have never passed 6th grade English are now able to front as journalists, isn’t it?