7-30-2015 Smackdown thoughts.


I think they’ve been really making Smackdown interesting, the only thing I didn’t see tonight was Becky Lynch’s first singles match. I don’t think interrupting matches & turning it into tag-team matches is bad, but I don’t like when it’s practiced frequently, so I think that them doing that more often than not is harmful because it makes the show predictable after a while. I really liked the opening match & I think they’re on the right track with Cesaro but the reason I didn’t like the interruption from Owens was because I think they wasted what could’ve been one of the best opening matches in a while. I don’t know what to think about this new rivalry between Kevin Owens & Cesaro but as long as Owens finishes the matches in the ring I don’t mind. I think that they are doing great thing with there Tag-Team Division but I think that they need to make Xavier Woods less of a Cheerleader & more of a Wrestler in the New Day, because I usually don’t see what Woods value is. I know we’re way past the Eighties but I think they need to use more Jobbers instead of using people that are equally as good as there opponent & have them Job. Now that I got that off my chest, let me talk about the rest of the things I saw tonight, I liked the eight-man tag match & they showed why you should always be on the same page because that’s one ingredient of winning tag matches. I think the rivalry between Stardust & Neville is being written perfectly because Neville really can easily be depicted as a Superhero & Stardust is the perfect Joker to go against Neville’s Batman. I saw that Ambrose joined Cesaro to face Rollins & Owens & the finish was good, Ambrose leap-frogged over Owens to counter Owens as Cesaro rolled Owens up to win the Match. I don’t about anybody else but I think they’re missing what should normally be #1 priority, the HeavyWeight Title match main event, & I actually don’t know who they could put against Rollins at Summerslam.

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