9 Bold Predictions for Battleground


Last year’s inaugural Battleground PPV was a complete disaster, and that’s being very nice to how much of an atrocity it was. The PPV drew only 114,000 PPV buys, one of the worst in WWE history. As soon as the PPV ended with Big Show involving himself in the main event, I had drew the proverbial line in the sand and said that this PPV should not return. But as you know, the least of WWE’s concerns comes from an avid wrestling fan over the Internet. Needless to say, this year’s PPV juxtaposes last year’s show in a plethora of ways as it is shaping up to be on the of the best PPV’s of 2014, well, at least I think so. With that said, allow me to give 10 bold (and I can’t emphasize that enough) predictions for this Sunday’s Battleground pay-per-view.

9. The mid-card titles get unified as Sheamus wins the Battle Royal.

I am well aware that the favorite to win the battle royal and become the new Intercontinental Championship is Cesaro. Yet I am beyond skeptical as to picking him to be the winner. I would be more inclined to pick Cesaro to win had WWE build him to be an actual threat. Two straight clean pinfalls to current jobber Kofi Kingston and losing the upper hand to Big E. Langston has certainly lowered his stock. Now I know the popular M.O. for WWE is to make a guy look weak on TV, and look strong on PPV. I don’t think it applies in this matter, however. WWE has reported to us that Bad News Barrett will be there to hand the Intercontinental Title to the winner of the battle royal and I don’t think that he will just willingly hand it over. And I don’t see WWE doing a heel vs. heel feud for the IC title, even if Barrett were to attack Cesaro and turn back face in the process. Sheamus unifying the titles and engaging in a feud with Barrett would be intriguing to me, especially considering the quality of matches that these two have engaged in the past. The only other guys that have a chance in my estimation, besides Cesaro, would be Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Bo Dallas. I highly doubt that WWE gives the title to a heel, but I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if it were to occur.

8. Cameron goes over Naomi

I’m glad that WWE has finally decided to split up these two as I believe Cameron has a bright future, Naomi as well. Nonetheless, I am glad they chose to put this on the pre-show. God knows how much negativity would be pointed in WWE’s way to have two straight PPV’s with two Divas matches on the main card.

7. Dean Ambrose defeats Seth Rollins via DQ or Pinfall

Predicting who will win this match for me is extremely difficult. On one hand, you have Dean Ambrose, who have taken pinfall losses to Kane and Randy Orton, and has been jumped on multiple occassions. At the same token, you have Seth Rollins, who has had his Money In The Bank cash in attempts be thwarted by Dean Ambrose. I can’t definitively say who has the upper hand going into this PPV. The reason why I am leaning towards Ambrose, is because I cannot bear the thought of Ambrose having two straight PPV losses at the hands of Seth Rollins. I also wouldn’t be shocked if it ends in a No Contest, but why do that on a PPV? Expect a great match between these two. Now, I understand that Seth Rollins also needs to look strong as MITB winner, I understand. But I’m looking at perspective and who needs a win more. Ambrose is always giving Rollins backstage promos on how he better watch out, but if he should lose, aren’t those all just empty threats? Anyways, if given enough time, this could very well be the match of the night, though another match on the card may have something to dispute.

6. Paige vs. AJ : A Technical Masterpiece with AJ coming on top

These two females have been the best the Divas division has had to offer so far and the two singles matches the two have engaged in this year were more like preview matches for something better. Don’t expect any roll-ups or leverage pins in this one. I believe these two will have the best Divas match of the year. I can see their chemistry being something very unique. It would be far too soon to put the Divas title back on Paige, considering she had just lost it the night after Money In The Bank. I am anticipating that the match goes at least five minutes, and I really anticipate a great match with the crowd showing much respect to them.

5. Jericho puts Bray Wyatt over in another great match.

Jericho serves as the role model for veterans asked to return to WWE. Put over a young star in the making. While I really don’t like the prospect of having Jericho lose in his first PPV match back in WWE, Bray Wyatt has two straight PPV losses on his shoulder and I don’t think WWE wants that to be a trifecta. This is another match of the night candidate. Bray Wyatt has proven he can have great singles matches with some of WWE’s established stars, such as Bray Wyatt’s match with Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble and John Cena at WWE Live events and WrestleMania. Jericho will do a great job of controlling the pace of this match, and perhaps with some interference from the other two members of the family, i believe Wyatt picks up the win. Now Jericho is slated to be around WWE beyond Battleground so Jericho may pick up a win here and continue their feud onto Summerslam. That is an option, but Bray Wyatt needs a convincing win, and he needs one badly. Did you hear the crowd chant “boring” on one of Wyatt’s promos the other day? What a world!

4. Rusev wins the battle of The Accolade vs. The Patriot Lock in a multicultural feud

You couldn’t have built up the match between these two any better than how it was done on RAW. The crowd was into it. Zeb Colter got into Lana’s face and presidents were compared. And finally, Jack Swagger got the edge on Rusev, putting the crowd into a controlled frenzy. While I don’t expect the match to match the intensity of the build up, I think Colter and Lana’s pre match promos should get the crowd amped up. I fully expect Rusev to pick up the win, much to the crowd’s dismay. It will be great heel heat for Rusev. But I like what they are doing with Swagger in the process. He is not jobbing to Rusev, but rather, he is beginning a fresh turn in his character, and if Zeb has to speak for him every single time, then I am just fine with that as well.

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