​Adam Cole Discusses Returning To Ring Of Honor, WWE NXT ‘Competing’ With ROH, Nakamura, More


Adam Cole spoke with Sporting News promoting this weekend’s ROH shows in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. Check out the highlights:

On returning to ROH: “I’ve wanted a chance to show to everybody that I’m totally back. I’m totally ready to challenge for the Ring of Honor world championship again. For me, it’s so weird. Two or three years ago, I would have been really nervous and really anxious and thinking what do I have to to to mentally prepare. But I’ve been mentally prepared for this literally since I went under the knife for surgery. I’m more excited, I think, than anything. Just getting the chance to wrestle these two world-class guys and show the fans that are coming out — in the thousands at this point — that it’s going to be a really exciting time.”

On facing Shinsuke Nakamura: “I’m actually so thankful that it’s happening now because the fans have been given a chance to go ‘OK, we really hope we get Adam Cole vs. Nakamura’ and then it wasn’t given to them. And it wasn’t given to them. And it wasn’t given to them until now, it’s finally happening. We’ve given the fans a chance to kind of continue to fantasize about the idea of that match happening. And now it’s finally happening. I really think that this match will be a catalyst for me coming back to New Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s certainly a match where I’m going to give my all. I always give my all in every single match but Philadelphia and Nakamura, it’s just a little bit more special.”

On NXT “competing” with ROH: “For me, I think the more that NXT and Ring of Honor ‘competition’ goes on, I think the better it is for the both of us. Mainly because it’s exciting for wrestling fans to create, whether it’s warranted or not, a genuine competition amongst two companies. The fact that NXT decided to run the same night as ours in Brooklyn, I think, is fantastic. I think it’s great. The more competition we have for ourselves, the better the product. I certainly don’t think the WWE is sitting there thinking we really have to run Ring of Honor out of business. I think they’re trying to have great wrestling shows. And, of course, they’re paying attention to things Ring of Honor is doing because Ring of Honor is a successful brand. I think it’s going to create a really cool atmosphere.”

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