Man up, please all you Daniel Bryan fans go get your tampons, shine them up really nice, and stop acting like a bunch of catty women. No matter what happens, no matter what the WWE does, all you do is talk about is D-bry getting screwed. He’s making millions or close to it, headlining Wresstlfrickingmania, selling a butt load of merchandise and all of his whining fans can do is talk about him getting screwed. If goatboy was getting screwed as much as his fans claim, his anus would be the world’s biggest pornstar.

        You want to know who is really getting screwed, try the TNA talent roster. Imagine you’ve work your tail off training your whole life, you’ve work indy show after indy show for little to no pay, and finally you think you’ve made it only to have Dixie walk into the room and say “our writing staff was watching WWE last night and had a great idea, retarded russian pig lover, you are going to be bigger than the Beatles”. That’s getting screwed.

  Like it or not as great as goatboy was on the independent scene, as great a wrestler as he has been, if it wasn’t for the WWE, he would be making 50 dollars a night and going home to only bang his hand and not generic diva number 16. No matter what happens to the goatboy after this feud with Kane, even if WWE fires him, he’s going to make money and be in demand.

  So please!

Please !!!!!!!!


 Stop talking like Bret Hart. Extreme Rules wasn’t the second coming of the Montreal Screw job. It was Kane ( one of the all time great big men) putting him over.

Realize, if that is getting screwed over, would should all be so lucky.

Grow up.