Fastlane Fast Forward


Thank goodness WWE Fastlane is over.

Even with the promised appearance of Sting, I think the majority of the WWE Universe, myself included, would rather they bypassed the show and just kept on heading down the Road to Wrestlemania. The WWE removed one its move exciting and jaw-dropping PPVs in the Elimination Chamber, replacing it with nothing more than a Sunday-night RAW.

All the matches seemed slow and lethargic, the commentary below its usual dull yet humorous standard and multiples botches from all over the production. The results of each match seemed a fairly forgone conclusion prior to Fastlane, with the finishes of all of them feeling weak. Why have Kane score the win in the 6-man tag match when you’ve got Mr Money in the Bank, the supposed future of the WWE? Why have a face-to-face promo where a baseball bat is scarier than a sledgehammer? Why even have a Divas match at all?!

For me there was only one positive to come out of WWE Fastlane; that being the Bray Wyatt/Undertaker section. It was the only thing to show even the slightest hint of creativity, astonishing when its on the back of 22 previous ‘Taker-Wrestlemania build ups. We all know how much Wyatt has been pushed and made to look invincible recently, but he has backed up this with impressive in-ring performances and some of the best promos seen in years in the WWE.

It just worries me though that the one thing I can take from a WWE PPV is a short 10 minute talking section ahead of a 7 match card filled with the best talents in the business. I realise that its always going to be difficult to push a PPV 5 weeks before the biggest show of the year, but making it a free-to-view PPV for new subscribers and live on Sky TV in the UK is not really giving it a fair chance. Heck most of the audience in the arena at Memphis seemed like they didn’t even want to be there, would hate to know how much people paid for tickets, because in terms of value for money, even ‘free’ seems a bit of a rip off.

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