Triple h
Triple H
Paul Michael Levesque
  • Birthdate: 07/27/1969 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 255lb

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After writing regular articles about current events, I wanted to change it up. Introducing the first "fantasy" article aimed at giving all of you something to look forward too. Bear in mind, I have never done anything like this before (unless you include the fantasy tournaments I run on the Facebook Page sometimes), so I don't expect all of you to jump on the bandwagon and love everything that happens here right away.

Whenever you write something fictional, you need to describe the setting, you need to outline the basics from the beginning. The fiction could grow over time (depending on how you react), but for now, I want to keep it simple. I want this to build into something where you can participate and shape the storylines/booking moving forward, of course, I will have the final say, but your comments will make a difference. Fantasy wrestling is not for everyone, and I kindly ask you to skip this one if it does not appeal to you.

The Beginning.

In order to create the story, we need to "suspend our disbelief" for a moment, just like a wrestling match.

- Vince McMahon has stepped down from booking matches, hiring talents, firing talents, and writing storylines. He has appointed a new "Head of Creative & Talent Relations", Mr Kyle A Dunning. Mr. McMahon has complete faith in Mr Dunning, and he accepts that major changes will happen moving forward.

I'm in charge now ... I could do anything! Wow, maybe I should make an invasion or something? Nah ... way too predictable. I know what needs to be done, and it will happen on next weeks Monday Night Raw!

- Please bare in mind, I will be taking over the current WWE roster, which includes the following champions:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Brock Lesnar

WWE Intercontinental Champion - Dolph Ziggler

WWE United States Champion - Sheamus

WWE Divas Champion - Paige

WWE Tag Team Champions - The Uso's.

Whether any of the current storylines continue or not, will be decided on next weeks Monday Night Raw. I will not appear on television as an on-air character. Instead, I will keep Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as "The Authority" ... for now.

Monday Night Raw! (Part 1)

- Triple H and Stephanie McMahon enter the arena to a warm "heel" reception. They smile, they laugh, and when the music stops, they begin talking.

Triple H: Stephanie and I would like to say congratulations to our new World Heavyweight Champion. How does it go Steph?


Triple H: Couldn't have said it better myself. I want to explain to all of you, this truly is "best for business", but sometimes, we need to do something else. We need to do something fresh. Sometimes, you really need to do what's best ... for the fans. *slight crowd pop*

Stephanie: Best for the fans? These fans don't deserve anything. Not one DAMN thing!

Triple H: Now, now Steph. We need to throw them a bone every now and then. Do you want to do the honors?

Stephanie looks at her husband with a cheeky grin. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. She reads it with an evil look on her face.

Stephanie: OK. I can have some fun with this ... KANE! KANE! Get them out here ... NOW!

Kane, wearing a suit and tie, enters with the following superstars: Big Show, Diego, El Torito, The Miz, The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, Mark Henry and R-Truth. They enter the ring, all the following superstars having no idea what will happen next. Kane nods to Stephanie and stands beside her as she begins to check them out.

Triple H: Do you see the fire in their eyes Steph?

Stephanie: I see nothing, they are all empty inside. They don't even deserve to suffer.

Stephanie stands next to her husband, as Kane walks up to the Big Show, and stares him down. Kane puts the microphone to his mouth ...

Kane: You're ..... FIRED!

**Major boo from the crowd** Big Show looks over at Triple H and Stephanie, they nod to him, Big Show looks upset. Big Show decides to leave. Kane squats down to look into Hornswoggles eyes. Hornswoggle looks really scared. Kane laughs maniacally.

Kane: You're .... FIRED!

Hornswoggle looks like he is about to cry. He backs away from Kane and rolls to the outside. He looks around at the crowd and waves to them before leaving.

Stephanie: This is great, isn't this great everyone? **No! No! No! chants from the crowd**

The Miz is looking desperate. He rolls to the outside and grabs a microphone. He gets back into the ring.

The Miz: Why am I here? I'm the most must-see WWE Champion of all time! I just shot a movie! I do all of your promotional work, I have a Hollywood face .. what else can I do???