Pre-show match: WeeeLC match: Hornswoggle versus El Torito.

  Outlook: Do I really have to write a review on this? Do I really have to look at the past three weeks between the two undersized wrestlers in the WWE participating in a TLC match, only with smaller tables, step ladders and mini-chairs? Oh, I do? Well, this match is going to be painful to watch. It’s obvious the two groups consisting of Los Matadores and 3MB are going to be at ringside for this. El Torito is athletic in the ring as is Hornswoggle. The problem with the dynamic is that this will just be a match with comedic spots. I can see a scenario where Hornswoggle looks for the tad pole splash and crashes through a table only to be pinned by El Torito. Or he actually hits the move through a table and gets the pinfall. Either way, they could have done worse on the pre-show card. Having this on the actual PPV would have killed the crowd.   

So Who Wins: Logically, Hornswoggle needs the win more than El Torito. For the better half of the past couple of years, Hornswoggle has been a face. This heel turn, aligning himself with 3MB, has given his character new life. As much as the kids will want to see El Torito pick up the pinfall, it will be Hornswoggle that takes the match.   

Winner: Hornswoggle via Pinfall after a Tadpole Splash through a table   

Match 1: Rob Van Dam versus Cesaro versus Jack Swagger   

Outlook: This is a triple threat match that was added to the card on RAW. While other matches may be added to the card, this looks like the ideal match to kick the show off. Undoubtedly, the crowd will be hot and anticipating a phenomenal night. There are multiple different styles of wrestling here. You have Cesaro playing the strength game, powered by the heelish qualities of Paul Heyman at ringside. You have Swagger and the amateur wrestling background, with Zeb Colter at ringside. In recent weeks, it appears that these two have morphed into a tweener combination, with as of last night, possibly headed toward a face turn. The crowd loves Cesaro but in the “I hate the persona that he has on screen, but love him as an accomplished worker”. Swagger has always been a great athlete, just a string of bad luck and a past drug arrest has pushed him back. So this brings us to the wildcard, the more than ever popular Rob…Van…Dam. With him added to the mix, and his work ethic, this match will surely be the one that could steal the show. Setting it up as the first match of the night on the PPV will undoubtedly provide a tall task for anyone that follows it.   

So Who Wins: Everyone in this match could do well with the victory. Van Dam could get the pinfall as long as it occurs against Swagger. Swagger and Cesaro could pin the other to continue to set up their feud. One of those two would greatly benefit from taking the pinfall on Van Dam. So you have to imagine two possibilities: if this is a long term feud between the three, then any one of the three could walk out the winner. If this is a short term feud between the three, which it could very well be seeing as how the WWE seems content with starting a Paul Heyman/RVD feud, there could be enough steam to drag out a long term feud between the three.   

Winner: Cesaro via pinfall after the Uppercut punch to RVD   

Match 2: Big E versus Wade Barrett   

Outlook: Where did Barrett come from. It seemed like this Bad News gimmick would never take off. And now here we are, 2-3 months from when the angle started, and he is flying high. The crowds seemed to be behind him more lately. Look at who he defeated to win the Intercontinental Title tournament: Rob Van Dam, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler. He beat all three in convincing fashion and will now face Big E for the title on Sunday. Big E on the other hand, has not done much as champion. While he has defended the belt more than Dean Ambrose and the US title, his victories feel forced at times. Barrett tends to have that brawler type style, and even though he is portrayed as a heel, the crowd seems to be getting behind him big time.   

So Who Wins: In this case, it would be better for Big E to chase the title rather than to defend it against Barrett. WWE would be foolish not to cash in on what Barrett has accomplished in the past few weeks, not just with his character but with the crowd reactions as well. Big E’s time with...