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Claudio Castagnoli
  • Birthdate: 12/27/1980 (age 35)
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 232 Ib

Cesaro, is a Swiss professional wrestler who is...

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Hello Reader

Well; that was some week wasn't it? Despite my negative reaction to most of Wrestlemania 30; there have been a lot of positives in WWE this week. Join me as I trawl through some of them; as always comments and discussions encouraged and welcomed.

What with the reports of The Undertaker's injury during his Wrestlemania 30 match with Brock Lesnar and the debate that is still raging over whether this was the right way for The Streak to go out; I feel something has been lost amongst all of this. It was a moment in history; and however we feel about it personally it was one of the most shocking moments in recent WWE history. But that's not what I think was lost; so let me take a moment to address that.

The Undertaker is one of the true legends of professional wrestling; my very first WWE pay-per-view was his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series. I have watched his whole career and have always been one of his biggest fans; in recent years his return for Wrestlemania has been the highlight of the wrestling year for me. My friends would often say "Isn't he getting on a bit now?" or "I saw him on Raw the other night; God he looks terrible"; but that didn't phase me as I was looking forward to seeing one of my heroes perform. He delivered year after year; his matches with Shawn Michaels were almost perfect, his match with CM Punk stole the show last year and my personal favorite match of all time is his title win against Edge at Wrestlemania 24. 

Is this the way I want to see the legacy of a true legend end? No; but, based on reports about his condition after the match, maybe this should be The Last Ride of The Deadman. Despite the match not living up to his previous high standards; it acts as a fitting ending to one of the great careers of the industry. He was old school and there had been many reports about how he wanted to drop The Streak to someone before he retired; now he has (despite it being to, on some levels but not all, the wrong person in this writers opinion). His professionalism was underlined by the reports that the injury happened early on and he still finished the match despite not knowing where he was for most of it; with that in mind then maybe this should be the last in-ring appearance he makes. No one will begrudge him retirement; and, despite my reservations about this being the final chapter of his stellar career, this writer now believes he should get out now while he still has his health. It saddens me to write it; but maybe it is finally time. Please share with me your favorite Undertaker memories in the comments section; if this is the end then lets celebrate his legacy rather than mourn for it, or him.

The post-'Mania edition of Raw, or as I refer to it the Reset Raw, was stunning; this writer enjoyed it far more than Wrestlemania itself. Hot crowd, good matches and the set up for some interesting angles going forward. The crowd was awesome, as was the Reset Raw crowd last year; that's the benefit of a more mixed international crowd for a show like that. People from all over the world, many from countries that are lucky to get one live show in their homeland per year, fly in for Wrestlemania week and are so much more excited to be there than crowds in US cities that get two or three live shows a year; it helps elevate the show. Plus you get gems like this: 


God that made me laugh; thank you New Orleans.

Paige beating AJ Lee for the Divas Championship (something this writer predicted in my last article as the only logical place for the story to go after AJ beating the entire Divas roster at Wrestlemania) was a particular highlight; I feel more supportive of Paige than I have any Diva in a while. Not just because she's a fellow Brit; but because I'm invested in seeing her succeed in WWE due to a wonderful documentary about her and her wrestling family (The Knights) called 'The Wrestlers - Fighting With My Family' that was shown on Chanel 4 over here. For those of you that haven't seen it; I highly recommend it and have posted a copy below:

The other undoubted highlight was this gem of a promo by the best stick man in the business:

That was amazing; and testament to the brilliance of Paul Heyman. If pro-wrestling didn't exist then we'd have to invent it just for him; truly...