Hello reader,

I'm guessing that you are aware of this as you've clicked on an article that states it's intent in the title; but just in case you may have clicked on this by accident and you haven't seen Extreme Rules yet then let me take the time to declare FULL SPOILER ALERT!!!

Now that formality is taken care of; let us have a look at what transpired in the IZOD center last night. As with all my articles; this one is written to provoke discussion so feel free to take part in the comments section.

l want to open this review by declaring that, overall, I enjoyed the show; it wasn't brilliant but it wasn't terrible and it had plenty of enjoyable moments. But to me it never got beyond a good show overall; let's face it, we aren't going to be talking about this one for years to come. Though having individual moments that were greater than the show as a whole; this was not a classic event that we'll tell our grandchildren about. But still; it was a good show overall (at least in this writer's opinion).

Let us start at the beginning and take a look at the "WeeLC" match; something that despite my liberal tendencies I was morbidly curious about and strangely looking forward to (the numerous reports of gimmicked  tables, ladders & chairs for dwarfs adding fuel to the fire admittedly). I should point out to those of you who haven't read my previous work that I British and a native of London; and that as a result of the differences between American and British sociopolitical attitudes I may view this differently to most who read this. While many of my countrymen would tut about this match as non-PC and exploitative; I was all for it. Equality means everyone has the same rights and opportunities regardless of age, race, gender, class, sexual orientation or disability ; and if these two guys have trained to be wrestlers then good on them for following their dreams and why shouldn't they have the same opportunities to perform in the same situations as their non-dwarf peers? But I know if I talked about this match in liberal London society then there would be a lot of disgust, faux-outrage & well meaning patronization of dwarfs under the banner of being anti-exploitation; and I would be viewed as a pariah for expressing that I enjoyed it. But, damn them, it was fun; and I am proud to say I enjoyed the hell out of the match.

Was it silly and stupid? Hell yeah; but it wore it proudly on it's sleeve and never had tried to make us take it as the dwarf equivalent of Flair vs Steamboat. This was entertainment at it's purest in wrestling; and everyone involved did their best to make the match as fun and entertaining as it could be. I also feel that Los Matadores and 3MB deserve a lot of praise for their attitude to their involvement in this angle; if any individual of the five felt that this was below them or dented their ego then it wasn't on show last. In fact the total willingness to be a part of this match and the way they threw themselves into their spots added to the overall feeling of fun. A great way to open the show; and I was with the excellent IZOD crowd when they showed their appreciation with a "This is awesome" chant. Again, it was never going to be Flair vs Steamboat; but it was the most fun thing I've seen on WWE television for a long time.

The main show opened with the elimination triple threat match between Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger and Cesaro; and, while I'm enjoying them, I have to ask what the planned payoff for Paul Heyman's "My client, Brock Lesnar, beat The Undertaker's streak" promos will be? Don't get me wrong, like everything that comes as a result of giving Paul a live microphone, they're excellent and their delivery is spot on; but I just don't see where it's going in the story. But then again; maybe they're just there to keep Heyman heel and keep Brock Lesnar in the consciousness while away and further legitimize him at the same time. While a good effort from all involved; the match wasn't as memorable as it could have been and the outcome was predictable.

Therein lies my major grumble with the main card overall; while the efforts of the performers lifted most of the matches to a high standard the fact that the outcomes were predictable hurt the feel of the show overall. I barely paid attention to the handicap match pitting Alexander Rusev against the team of R-Truth and Xavier Woods; he'd beaten them both clean in dominant fashion on TV...