Rockstar Spud On Winning The X-Division Title, His Lack Of Size & More


TNA star Rockstar Spud spoke with SLAM! Sports to promote Impact Wrestling moving from Friday night’s to Wednesday night’s starting tonight on Destination America. Here are the highlights.

On his lack of size as a pro wrestler: “I’ve been a small guy that the odds are stacked against from Day 1. I will say that I just won’t stop fighting. That’s been me my whole life, ‘Tell me no, I’ll prove you wrong,'” he said. “Someone like me, the writing’s on the wall says that if someone looks like me, dresses like me, acts like me and talks like me, should not go as far as I have.”

On winning the X-Division Title: “Winning that belt was the most amazing feeling I’d ever had in my life,” he confessed. “I thought, ‘Nothing is ever going to get better than this.’ Now I’m in a situation with Option C where I could trade in all of that and face the greatest wrestler of all time, Kurt Angle, the former 13-time World heavyweight champion, and have to choose on national television, worldwide, to wrestle this man and potentially be the TNA World heavyweight champion. Now, the goal to be X Division champion was succeeded, twice. … But to be a World heavyweight champion? They say dreams don’t come true. That’s the boyhood dream forever.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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