Ring of Honor truly is the best in the world.

  The WWE stop being a wrestling company when the soap opera became their focal point. TNA is the brain child of a delusional mid-carder who thought he was a superstar, but wasn’t, and a money mark with no business sense. So that leaves us with the question of who is truly the number one company in wrestling right now. Sure the WWE is able to draw more people, but is that due to it being a great product or it being the traditional company. By traditional I mean a child watching WWF with his father, and then when that child grows up they introduce The WWE to their children. Quite honestly, if Vince had tried to expand with the way the product is now he would have fallen on his face. TNA is the Gobots to the WWE’s Transformers and an embarrassment to any intelligent fan and any worker wanting to make a name for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, TNA has great wrestlers, great matches, but it’s desire to be and copy the WWE on everything the E does prevents it from haveing its own identity. In ten years TNA will be forgotten by wrestling history.     

So who is number one?

Ring of Honor.

  Sure if we look at the numbers ROH is nowhere near being number one, but then again ROH doesn’t have exposure to tens of millions of viewers in prime time every week. ROH is slowly building itself up, it has a stable home on Sinclair Broadcasting, and is entering PPV. Also ROH regularly draws more to house shows then TNA. Even though PPV is deader than Dixie Carters brain cells, it still gives them exposure to a wider audience. Even if people don’t buy the PPV they see the commercials for ROH.

  So what makes ROH number one? Good to great talent, a solid history of great champions and talent and most important it treats wrestling like a real sport.

What is a joke and embarrassment to Vince.

 A concept that Dixie can’t wrap her mind around.

Ring of Honor embraces with an open heart.

  Ring of Honor is the heart and soul of American wrestling right now. When I watch ROH I never have that “what the hell is this crap and who thought this was a good idea” moments that I do with the fed or Dixie’s brain fart hour.

  ROH makes sense, there is reason and logic to its product. Multiple wrestlers are given time to get over. Another reason I would say they are the best, they treat their wrestlers with respect. No dumb comedy, no personal agendas that screw up peoples careers. Just honest wrestling and a honest desire to be the best.

  The WWE is a downward slide right now. With its hands tied by the networks and Wall Street can Vince pull another attitude era type of hype? Will shareholders allow anything but WWPG. Companies with long history die all the time because they couldn’t adjust or expanded too far. I love the WWE network it’s great to have everything that I fell in love with again, but can Vince get the average fan (not the hardcore.) the average fan? Will the dad that takes his kids to WWE events (like they do the circus.) really care or want the network, or women or college kids? That’s the question that only time will tell.  And that’s where the WWE is right now. If they keep going the way they have been will they be around in five years? AWA, WCW, ECW, Memphis, WCCW, UWF are all but forgotten today. Could the WWE be putting themselves in that position soon? I hope not.

  Ring of Honor works with the money it makes. They don’t try to over expand themselves. They don’t put themselves in position to fail.

  But most importantly they treat their product and consumer base with respect. Unlike the big fat boated feds that are creeping closer to their deathbed. ROH wants to be the best and it shows. Fuck the production values, fuck the big money contracts fuck everything they don’t have. ROH has the teamwork of everyone involved, and the desire to be the best, and I really believe they will.

  Hell, the Green Bay Packers are in the smallest market in all of football, but they still have the most championships.