...headlining WrestleMania. They wanted Reigns. They wanted Bryan more. Cole and Lawler can ignore it all they want. Triple H and Vinnie Mac can ignore it all they want. But one thing all those people have in common, is that they know who the real hero of the WWE fan base is at this point.

Here's the thing though. Vince knows that Daniel is the most over guy in the business. He's not deaf. He hears the chants of Daniel Bryan. But when Vince says he doesn't care what hardcore fans want, he means it. He is going to have things his way, and even if the fans don't like it, he couldn't care less. He has his millions. He's already successful. The reactions the crowd gives at this point are at the footstool of his concerns at this stage in his career.

I haven't seen a crowd, or a fanbase get behind a wrestler this much since The Rock. Fans love Daniel Bryan, and tonight a message was sent loud and clear to the office. Despite whatever headphones they were wearing at the time, the sounds of Daniel Bryan was just impossible to ignore. WWE is starting to tread some dangerous waters if the fanbase in every arena continues to sabotage their shows just like they did tonight. The bottom line is that Bryan is backed by an army of people, but they don't have the power. In Vince's monarchy, we will continue to see the same men who tickles his fancy until otherwise. This crowd reminded me of ECW One Night Stand in 2006, except everybody was booed. WWE was fortunate that they didn't start throwing chairs in the ring. Right now, fans are only opted to do one thing if this man doesn't get treated the way he deserves: sabotage.