Bubba Ray Dudley
Mark LoMonaco
  • Birthdate: 07/14/1971 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 326 Ib

He is best known for his appearances with Extre...

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Hey fans, Dan K here, previously DK Wrestling Savior from the old EWN, with a quick preview and prediction piece on the upcoming TNA PPV, Slammiversary. Now the build up over the last three or four weeks hasn't been all that great. Some of the storylines were kind of weak and others were rushed. But there are a few longer term build ups that have stayed consistent and will all come to a head this Sunday.

James Storm vs Mr. Anderson

I'll be honest, when I first saw the makings of this feud, it was when James Storm ended up inadvertently assisting Gunner in his match with Anderson. I thought they were gonna go in a different direction and maybe have Storm dragging Gunner to the dark side after they're feud of brutal matches. Instead, Anderson faked drunk in a bar and beat up Storm. Then made fun of Storm and took a beating. And thrown in between, tag teamed with Gunner against the Bro Mans and no Storm in sight. A weak build to an even weaker feud and James Storm continues his losing ways.

Result:  Mr. Anderson via The Mic Check.

Willow w/ Abyss  vs  Magnus w. Bram

I’m not exactly sure what TNA’s deficiency is when it comes to surprises, but Abyss’ return to side with Jeff Hardy would’ve had a much greater effect if it was saved for Sunday. Either way, Willow and Magnus/Bram rolls on. Magnus has found his true self and while I enjoy Willow and the work of Jeff Hardy, I can’t see why Magnus wouldn’t pull this one off.

Result:  Magnus off of a distraction from Bram and probably a cheap shot with a crowbar.

Samoa Joe  vs  Bobby Lashley

This one will be a battle of heavyweights. In the past few weeks, MVP has aligned himself with Kenny King and Lashley to form his evil boss faction. Lashley is difficult to see as a heel, at least for me. He always got a great reaction. Now he’s pretty much a henchman. He will battle the returning Samoa Joe, who if it weren’t for the weak crowd at the Impact tapings 2 weeks ago, would’ve blown the roof off the Impact Zone with a crowd like this past Thursday. With his return, following his run in the main event picture while MVP was still a face, I can’t see Joe losing here.

Result:  Joe after botched interference from Kenny King or MVP.

Austin Aries vs Kenny King

Much like Joe vs Lashley, there was very little direct build to this match. However, the storyline stays consistent and since the battle against MVP ensues, this match makes sense. This should also steal the show and be a phenomenal display of talent. This is a hard one pick. I can’t see MVP’s group going winless so I’m going with Kenny King to win but this should be a great match.

Result:  Kenny King after interference from either MVP or Lashley

X Division Title Ladder Match

When one talks about a lack of build, this falls way outside of that realm. This one literally had no build whatsoever. We haven’t even seen Senada in two weeks. The lack of a tag team division in TNA has put the Wolves into this match along with every other little guy on the roster, minus Rockstar Spudd. I’d love to think there will be a lot of decent high spots here but there’s a lot of matches on the card so these great performers aren’t going to have a whole lot of time. I can’t see any real suprises here. The only thing is, Destination X is coming up real soon so if Senada is not the one to try and cash in, who takes his place out of the participants? Manik? Tigre Uno? Crazy Steve? The Wolves?

Result:  Senada retains his X Division Title

Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love  vs  Gail Kim

The Beautiful People have made so many enemies since getting back together. Now, Angelina Love’s title reign is finally in real jeopardy. Gail is the best women’s wrestler working today. But the wildcard here is Velvet who has been instrumental in keeping that title on Angelina. Maybe this match will have a different referee since Stiffler never seems to be looking when Velvet sprays Love’s opponents in the face. That’s not likely though.

Result:  Angelina Love retains the Women’s Title after Velvet sprays Gail.  

Texas Death Match:  Bully Ray   vs  EC3

Bully Ray has a hit list…er…a tables list rather. EC3 is on that list as he works his way smashing people through tables all the way until he can actually put Dixie through one. EC3 is undefeated in singles matches. He hasn’t been booked very strong but he is a legit threat. There seems to be a lot of interference in my predictions so I’m going to take a...