Stone Cold Steve Austin
Steven James Anderson
  • Birthdate: 12/18/1964 (age 50)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 252 Ib

Steve Austin gained significant mainstream popu...

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In the theme of my last blog where i wrote about Mick Foley on Stone colds podcast im going to talk about Steve himself.

Everybody who's a wrestling fan knows the story of SCSA, Started his athletic career as a football star, went onto become one of if not the biggest pro wrestlers in history, but you may not all know what came next for Steve (especially if your in the UK). 

Steve has a thriving career as a reality television host on such shows as red neck island and the broken skull challenge along with tough enough reboot. He He makes great direct to DVD movies in which he stars in FOR the fans as they just wanna see Steve whip some ass. As well as his box office roles in the expendables and Grown Ups 2. What i would like to talk about is the Steve Austin show, and SCSA Unleashed podcasts.

Doing it for the working man Steve entertains the fans twice a week with his shows, some just a rambling series most with his friends and special guests, either way he puts it forward you know for 2 hours a week your going to be entertained. A man whose career was know as a fantastic talker with not the prettiest voice would think that there would be no chance of here SCSA doing 2 weekly podcasts which are audio only, and it been Steve's style...You would be wrong.

When you listen to the shows you feel Steve's release as he puts the world to wrights and asks the questions we all want to know from his guests. There is no topic which is out of bounds he answers his Q and A's will whole honesty and if his opinion changes he updates you on the next time around. Steve has always been known as a strait laced blue collar foul mouthed SOB, But when you listen to him you do get all the above with side stitching laughs and realise that he might not even realise how he has his finger on the pulse of society.

Steve has had Many Many guests, from Kevin Nash, to jim ross, to Samoa joe, kevin steen, and nature boy ric flair. His conversation's with Ted fowler and former co presenter Mo, are some of the funniest material that you will listen to, with stories from the ranch, days on the road and child hood tails, you get a feel for Steve with this more than any WWE dvd can produce. 

The only non explanation that the fans have not received was the end of Mo's Tenure on the Steve Austin Show,but fans realise that its personal in a good sense between Steve and Mo and respect the privacy and from what we can tell did not push the issue.

Steve has replied to me personally on twitter multiple times and is very approachable and easy to get hold of with in the parameters that he allows you and to Steve we thank you.

Conclusion is if you want some laughs, Entertainment, life lessons and wrestling knowledge look no further than this podcast twice a week Two SEPARATE podcasts so look them up on itunes Unleashed is not for the faint of heart and young children so be pre warned.

please leave comments on your opinions as long as there constructive as i am new to this Thanks guys

Tomm Belushi