Given that the we have the “Biggest Fight of the Summer” tonight, I thought I would shed some light with my predictions for the PPV.  SummerSlam is WWE’s number two special event, so they are likely to use it to make some serious headway for key talents.  Let’s go match-by-match and talk about what makes sense.

RVD versus Cesaro: This match is really not critical for either talent.   If I had to hazard a guess, I would think Cesaro wins.   The whole purpose of this match is to get the crowd fired up, and a heel win would certainly do that, especially if it is done in some vile fashion. I am also assuming RVD is near the end of this segment of his run, so putting someone over on the way out makes sense.

Rollins versus Ambrose:  On The Ross Report, JR suggested that this match should go on first, and I agree.  If they give these guys ample time, it could be the best match we have seen in WWE in a long time.  My guess is Rollins wins due to some plan orchestrated by The Authority.  Why else would they add a lumberjack stipulation?  Either way, this one should be one heck of a slobber knocker.

Miz versus Ziggler:  I like Ziggler here.  The IC title needs a lot shine, and I would think Ziggler could do a better job getting it.  In addition, Ziggler has been pretty much buried for months.  Usually, when that happens, they are either on the way toward releasing a talent or they are building for a breakthrough on a major PPV.  I wouldn't think that they are likely to put Ziggler on the SummerSlam main card if he was on his way out the door, and that means he has good night coming.

AJ versus Paige:  I am picking Paige.  Clearly, they brought Paige up to the main roster to give AJ the time off for her wedding and honeymoon. Now she needs some steam to cement her position among the Divas.   AJ is hot already, and she doesn’t really need the title to continue to draw heat.  So, let’s put the title on Paige and let AJ scheme and connive to get it back.

Reigns versus Orton: Reigns has to go over, plain and simple.  If the plan is to set him up for a big win at WM 31, he has to come off big at SummerSlam.  I can’t fathom a reason for Orton to win.  It would make no sense.

Swagger versus Rusev:  I am almost certain Swagger wins this one.   First, there is no way they are gonna book the Russian flag over the American Flag.  Second, why would they book it as flag match if it wasn’t so that Swagger could go over without Rusev having ever been pinned or submitted?

Jericho versus Wyatt: I have Wyatt here.  Jericho has made no secret of the fact that he keeps coming back so he can help the new guys, and that begs the question…  Why did Jericho go over at the last PPV?   My guess is that it was done to extend the feud so that Wyatt can go over on the bigger show.   Either way, this could rival Ambrose and Rollins for the match of the night.

Brie Bella versus Stephanie McMahon:  Stephanie will win this one amid some form of controversy.   Why, you might ask?   If Brie wins the storyline is over, and I am sure they want to get at least two matches out of it.  However, as a babyface, Brie needs a legitimate gripe to justify her demand for another match.  So, Steph will win, but it will be done in such a way that Brie has a reason not to accept the result.  As tensions continue to boil, the fans will continue to grow in their support for Brie and their ire for Stephanie... As they should.. 

Cena versus Lesnar:  I have to think Lesnar wins.  Lesnar broke The Streak at WrestleMania, and that is a total waste if he isn’t white-hot and almost invincible going into WrestleMania 31 where he can light up Roman Reigns.  Unless everything is WAY off, Reigns is being prepped for the big time, and WM31 is the place to do it.  After beating The Undertaker, Lesnar is the man to do the honors.   For him to lose here would just be silly.

So.  There you have it.  These are my predictions and the reasons behind them.  What are your thoughts? Am I right?  Am I wrong?

Comments are always welcome.