Today I woke up at 9:54 A.M. and the first thing I did was pick up my HTC Droid DNA and googled the term "Summerslam". When I went to the Wikipedia page, I was surprised to see that Summerslam just about a week away. The shock came to me because though I have seen Summerslam mentioned, I haven't been fully engaged into the build of the matches featured on the card. There just hasn't been that major feel to it. Allow me to dive into the crux of each feud heading into the biggest party of the summer.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

SPOILER ALERT: Tonight's Smackdown will feature Dean Ambrose announcing the highly anticipated stipulation for his match against WWE World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Winner Seth Rollins at Summerslam. On the post-Payback PPV edition of Monday Night RAW, we saw former Shield member Seth Rollins remain in place and watch Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns approach the ropes in front of him. Rollins remained, and in a moment of utter shock, Seth Rollins shockingly attacked Roman Reigns with a chair. As Seth Rollins now looks on his former comrade, Dean Ambrose couldn't bring himself to believe what had just transpired, if the look on his face wasn't a big enough clue. Ambrose proceeded to receive the same fate as Reings and Rollins cemented his turn to the dark side with a mind-blowing Curb Stomp face-first to the chair. Since that moment, Ambrose has been meticulous in his pursuits to taste revenge for Rollins' sudden betrayal. The two have engaged in a series of brawls ranging from ringside to the parking lot. They were previously scheduled to fight at WWE's second edition of Battleground, but the match turned out to be a series of segments, thus cheating any fans who had anticipated and paid money to see these two engage in a battle of fisticuffs in the ring. With all of this in mind, surely the high octane tension in this feud warrants a stipulation to match such intensity. It's also natural to shudder at the thought of what a lunatic such as Ambrose would have in mind. 2 out of 3 falls? 3 Stages of Hell? Steel Cage? No Holds Barred? Oh, what about a 30 minute, No DQ Iron man match? No? So what exactly does Ambrose have in mind? A lumberjack match. Yep. Just, uh, let that sink in for a while. Over a month and a half of build to this match, and in culminates in a match surrounded by jobbers/mid-carders not good enough to land a spot on a PPV. I read the comments section when the spoiler broke, and needless to say, a sense of unified animosity came into play. And with good reason too. WWE is trying to increase the amount of subscriptions to the WWE Network by stacking the deck for Summerslam and Night of Champions. Suffice it to say, they may have dropped the ball on this match. Ambrose and Rollins has solidified themselves as two of the top workers in WWE. Why, just the other day I was watching one of their matches in FCW for the Heavyweight Title, and if the match occured on RAW, it would be a match of the year candidate. So why not make use of both of their talents and give the fans, or on-the-fence subscribers, a more interesting stipulation? A lumberjack match is nothing more than a regular one-fall match surrounded by wrestlers nobody either cares about, or wrestlers just there for some exposure. Can the match still bring the house down, provided that we don't get a screwy finish and if the match ACTUALLY happened? By all means. The issue is that we don't have that guarantee with a lumberjack match. This feud has taken a turn to the personal route, and surrounding the ring with faces and heels that are not at all involved takes away the personal dimension of this feud. I really can't help but feel that there was some major error in judgement here. It's a shame too, because the build has been really good, especially if you want to use an encounter at the previous PPV to build to something bigger.

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

At the Battleground PPV, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the match result for this match. I really thought that they were going to give Wyatt the win, especially after previous PPV losses at Payback and Money In The Bank. Also taking into account that his last PPV win against John Cena in the steel cage was as a result of his two brainwashed cronies Luke Harper and Erik Rowan, with some interference from who I initially thought was one of John Cena's fans, a little boy with an eerie...