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Good evening to all; and welcome to another edition of Lunatic Fringe. As of yesterday, an editorial was posted by Richard Staples detailing the 5 Worst WHC Of All Time. In my opinion, it was a good blog but in my taste it was too rushed and did not detail why the champions were bad; at the time, even through superstar credibility and lack of direction by creative gives that way. The WHC was a prestigious title since it was introduced in the WWE in 2002 ( although it was in WCW first) and was carried by the likes of Edge, HHH, and the Undertaker as some notable names. Amazing matches were produced since its inception; such as the Undertaker vs Batista ( Wrestle mania 23) Triple Threat Encounter ( Wrestle mania 20) and Edge vs Batista. Other matches were lackluster and most underrated by the bipolar WWE universe such as John Cena vs Chris Jericho at Survivor Series 2008. Without further anticipation; let's begin. 

(5) Jeff Hardy 

It was a long road to superstardom and it ended all abruptly in August 2009; when Jeff Hardy lost a career vs title match on Smack down. Before a horrible twist of fate, Jeff Hardy had four separate reigns of WWE World Champion ( Twice WWE Champion, WHC). Hardy was such a great champion because he gave something different from his counterparts; and he was a high-flyer with a never die attitude. During his reign as WHC, he had an amazing feud with CM Punk, which jumpstarted Punk's career. CM Punk and Jeff Hardy would put on an amazing feud with excellent spots and matches; such as the main event at Summer slam 2009. Although Jeff Hardy's reigns were short, they were memorable. Hardy made this list specifically on his ring work; possessing a different in work style and putting great matches. Many can say the WHC "died" after the abrupt ending to Hardy's career. 

Key Matches to Watch for Jeff Hardy's illustrious WHC reign 

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk ( Summerslam 2009 ) 

Jeff Hardy vs Edge ( Extreme Rules 2009 ) 

(4) CM Punk 

2006. The year of the debut of the straight edge superstar. CM Punk would break through the glass ceiling to prove that he was the best the WWE has to offer. After a long strenuous road throughout his career, Punk would prove himself as the best in the world and win back to back MITB in 2008 & 2009. During his first reign as WHC, it was easily forgettable; as creative did not have faith to put Punk in the main event. Although he was relegated to the mid cards; Punk and JBL put on star starred matches. Punk would forfeit the WHC in 2008; as he was unable to compete in the Scramble match at NO Mercy 2008; after being attacked by Legacy. Punk would regain his WHC; after a controversial ending to the Edge/Hardy sage of 09; thus turing Punk heel. Punk would put on amazing matches with Jeff Hardy in 2009; such as their encounter at NOC 2009 and Summerslam 2009. Punk's reigns were great because they rejuvenated his career; such as a much needed heel turn. As Smack down was getting lackluster at the moment, Punk and Hardy added that momentum, while the WHC played second fiddle. If the WHC is playing second fiddle in a feud; then you know the superstars are doing amazing ring work. Punk's reign worked so good; because he had the mic skills and possession of in ring ability, alongside great in ring chemistry. As Punk was controversially becoming popular, the WHC got a much needed boost; which the likes of Batista and HHH gave the title. 

Key Matches To Watch For C.M Punk's Illustrious Career

(1) CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy ( MITB cash in/Extreme Rules 2009) 

(2) CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (NOC 2009/Summerslam 2009) 

(3) CM Punk vs Undertaker (Sereis) 

(3) Batista 

4 Time; 4 Time WHC Champion. An amazing feat that still stands to this day, set by the Animal Batista. At Wrestle mania 21, the animal of Evolution became WHC by defeating Triple H. During this period of time, Batista put on great matches with Triple H throughout the Summer of 05' and JBL at Summerslam 05'. He would go on to hold the championship for 280 days; before forfeiting it due to injury. During this period of time, the Animal was a rampage of a superstar, and the WHC helped elevate the Animal. Public stints in the Philippines and Puerto Rico; gave good public attention to the WWE and the WHC. Batista, like Punk made the WHC play second fiddle with his amazing world career. During his reign, he would battle the likes of King Booker, The Undertaker, and JBL. 

Honorable Mentions 
Kurt Angle 

The Great Khali ( Psych) 

(1) Batista vs HHH ( The Sereis)