Triple h
Triple H
Paul Michael Levesque
  • Birthdate: 07/27/1969 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 255lb

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Is it just me or was this particular post Wrestlemania edition of RAW a little bit different?

Don't get me wrong, we're used to a big and bold show, but this had an edge to it that I haven't seen before. Up and coming stars actually got put over, and there wasn't a big return fanfare that was held until the last 5 minutes as usual. We had non-stop cool moments throughout, and for me, it was great.

Daniel Bryan got a lot of airtime, Bray Wyatt got majorly put over, Cesaro became a Paul Heyman guy, and The Shield demolished 4 of the most decorated champions in WWE history, leaving them scampering up the ramp. Let's not forget, of course, the lack of John Cena we actually saw. He was left cowering in fear (off camera most of the time) while all the attention was on Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family.

By the time the show ended, we had Cena, Orton, Batista, Kane and Triple H all looking weak, while Bryan, Wyatt, Cesaro and the Shield all came away looking strong. Not forgetting a Paige and AJ feud which will be the best thing to happen to the Divas division since, well, the dawning of time.

There are bound to be people out there that are gonna say - where was Sting? What about Punk? No Austin? And yeh, it would have been cool, but laying the foundation to ensure there IS a WWE in 10 years is more important - surely?

Is this the dawning of a new era in WWE? Let's hope so. An era where superstars are pushed in the right way, not just by putting a title over their shoulder, but by putting them in engaging storylines with people like Cena and Triple H who know how to manipulate crowds to the advantage of their competitor.

Let's face it, if WM 31 has Cesaro, Wyatt, Bryan and The Shield all at the top of the card, and at the top of the cards for years to come, we've got a lot to look forward to.

What did you think about this Post Mania RAW? Was it better or worse than any previous?