Just like the President gives our State of the Union address, I believe it to be time for a Hulkamaniac to give a State of Hulkamania Address. Since I personally know the Hulkster and chat with him frequently (every few months or so, but briefly) and have been a loyal fan since I was 4 years old and now am 31 married with kids and have a HUGE man cave/gym all decked-out that would put a Hulkamania museum to shame. Needless to say, I’m a big fan and I think I’m up for the job to give an assessment of Hulkamania and its future role.

I am not going to impugn any of you wrestling fans knowledge by providing a rundown of his accomplishment title to title, TV show to Movie etc etc. We all know how many years he’s dominated the industry and what he has helped to build and which defining moments of his that will live forever. Needless to say this will not be a lesson of Hulkamania history. We all know he has accomplished more than any other wrestler in history and has become not only the most recognized wrestling name in the world but arguably one of the most internationally known pop-culture icons that remains a household name throughout multiple generation to this day.

Right now Hulkamania WILL be WWE bound whether the young foul mouth haters that lack substance and/or rationale like it or not. soon either peeps like it or not. Fact is, a feud with Cena in pretty much inevitable and will make for amazing draw for WM30. Business is business and young bucks who only care about their hip, young flavor of the months won’t ever understand that even when blue in the face if losing the argument. Being vulgar by making short and stupid hateful comments towards Hulkamania is easier nowadays instead of listening to reason and what's best for the business. That being said, I’m pretty sure many whom spout their immature mouths off would have a double standard involved when it comes to the multi-wife/women beating redneck that many hold in high regard and even put in the same league as Hogan, Flair, Macho and guys like Andre which I personally think is crazy while looking at the fact that Austin really only carried the torch (as the TOP guy) for 3 to 4 years in between guys like Bret & HBK than to Rock & HHH. But hey, to each their own... whoever and whatever could deliver the best draw for WM30 is whats best for business period. Hogan appears to be the best guy right now that will put the most butts in seats; therefore he’ll have yet another run in WWE.

I am a firm believer in supporting whatever is the best for business and for the future of WWE product. That being said… I think having Hogan coming back for another run is a mistake. YES… I said mistake! I pride myself on being a TRUE fan of Hulkamania. At the same time I also maintain rational thought as well as substance over style at the forefront and lets face it… Hulkamania has nothing else to prove or do so it doesn’t need anymore substance and it’s kind of out of style to say the least.

Not “if” but, “when” Hogan comes back home to the WWE, I think its in the best interest that they honor Hogan with the same story-line they did with Flair a few years ago and have John Cena retire him already and for good. This should have happened back in 05 against HBK. Because the following year having Hogan beat someone young/talented and up and coming like Randy Orton was NOT good business; infact, I’m still scratching my head on that one. Fact is: Hogan does want to come back but not for one more match, rather for a run instead. One last match I think everyone (even though the quality would be horrible) can agree that it would make great buy-rates at record numbers; therefore its a no brainer. That being said, I must reiterate… Hogan having another run is a mistake for several reasons. First being, him being put over (in anyway) younger talent in counterproductive at best towards future stars the WWE needs to continue creating and building on. Things like breaking Undertakers streak and ending Hulkamania for good are GREAT pushes that younger talent need. To be honest, I much rather have a younger talent/less known talent beat Hogan to give him a push he could use because Cena doesn’t need it but…. business is business. Moreover, Hogan being seen running wild for another run (even if its only for a few months or weeks for that matter) would be...