​The Tampa Tribune Posts An Obituary For Dusty Rhodes, Several Wrestlers Comment – Read It Here


The Tampa Tribune has provided an obituary for Dusty Rhodes with quotes from Gerald Brisco, Austin Idol (a/k/a Mike McCord), Lanny Poffo, Terry Funk, Brian Blair, and Joe Malenko (a/k/a Joe Simon). It noted that a tribute for Rhodes was held at a fundraiser for the pro wrestling wall at the new Jewish Community Center last night. Joe Malenko called for a moment of silence for a ten bell salute. Here are select quotes:

Florida Wrestling archivist Barry Rose on Rhodes’ importance: “He was arguably the biggest star produced out of Tampa. There was a time when he was the biggest celebrity in all of Tampa. And that transcended Tampa and Florida. The eyes of wrestling fans around the country were on Tampa because they wanted to know what Rhodes was doing.”

Gerald Brisco on the night Rhodes originally turned face in Tampa: “When he finished that first interview as a good guy, the boys in the back were high-fiving and doing cartwheels. Dusty could sell tickets as a bad guy, but we immediately knew that as a good guy he’d be one of the biggest stars in the world. That day I think sports entertainment as we know it today was born.”

Lanny Poffo on what Randy Savage thought of Dusty: “He recognized Dusty as one of the most entertaining wrestlers he had ever seen and said I want to be like him. Dusty was the total package, the consummate performer. You put him on a wrestling card, and he would sell out the show and give the fans their money’s worth and then some. The biggest stars are the ones the fans connect with, and the fans connected with Dusty Rhodes.”

Brian Blair on Dusty’s legacy: “He divided all color barriers, race and religion. He was ‘The American Dream,’ the son of a plumber. He’ll be missed. He will never be forgotten.”

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