Over-analyzing wrestling is something that a lot of people tend to do. In today's era surrounded by "Dirt Sheets," spoilers, and social media, it's hard to get lost in everything that is going on. As a whole, we all tend to take what we read online, and run with it. Now, some of it is true, and some of it is bogus. We just have to read in between the lines and figure out what really is going on. With all that said, why am I bringing all of this up? Well today, we are "Decoding The Rumble" in this weeks "Thinking Out Loud". Let's go!

There is a lot of hype surrounding Daniel Bryan. YES!...there is. Okay, bad joke I know. Anyway, D-Bry has a lot going for him and rightfully so; Former champion, great ability, excellent mic skills. So, what's not to like about him? Well, some people buy into the fact that Daniel Bryan is second rate. Me personally, I don't feel that he has done anything to make him second rate. He has gone out there night in and night out and really put his brand on the line, and made a household name out of himself. Everywhere you go, it's YES! YES! YES! I've never seen this before. So, why is first up to be decoded?

Well, last night (As many have pointed out), there were an abundance of Daniel Bryan chants that just tore the roof of the building in Pittsburgh. You could hear that epic chant all throughout the night. This is the part where social media and the like play an influence though. Some people who like Daniel Bryan chant YES. Some people (And I know they're out there) chant YES! Just because they can. Many feel that he should've been in the Rumble match, but at what cost? Honestly, would it even make a difference if he was? Daniel Bryan is great, don't get me wrong. In the end, I'm pretty positive that we all knew Dave Batista was going to win. For those who were upset that he wasn't there, don't get your hopes up. He's too big of a name right now for WWE to not put him in the spotlight soon enough.

And what about Roman Reigns? Holy Sh---. The guy made the history books last night by eliminating 12 people, beating Kane's record of "Most Eliminated In A Rumble Match" by 1. Then, when he got in there with Dave Batista, he went spear for spear. Granted everyone and their mother knew that Dave was going to win, Reigns had one Hell of a showing. Last night, the wrong person may have won, but it's in due time. I think that eventually Roman Reigns will get the proper push that he rightfully deserves. He might have Rollins and Ambrose in his way for a little bit, but I can see Reigns and Batista going head to head in the future.

Speaking of Tag Teams, The New Age Outlaws....Have they ever lost a step? After a (I believe) 14 year drought, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg won the Tag Titles from The Brotherhood. If you didn't tune into the preshow, man did you miss something. Those two guys can still go with the best of them, and they really proved it. Should they stick around, I think it might be very hard to dethrone them. But, as long as The Authority is...In authority, They won't go anywhere. It's a shame that Goldust and Cody Rhodes lost those titles, but in a sense they had to in order to set up a potential Wrestlemania feud between the two. I personally am hoping for that to happen, and if it happens at Elimination Chamber, I'll be more than disappointed.

I have a lot to say about the Randy Orton and John Cena match. First of all, the two guys alone have ability in the ring. Some may argue that Cena has none whatsoever, and that's fine. To each his own, right? But, the funny thing is, is that when you pair them up against one another, it seems to me that their ability diminishes somehow. It's pretty bizarre if you ask me. I think Cena has more charisma, while Orton has more talent, but nevertheless they should be having 5 star matches, and nothing less. But it didn't really seem to catch on last night.

I know that the crowd was hot, but it seemed like that may have thrown the two future Hall of Famers off...Man, I can't believe I'm calling them Hall of Famers, but let's face it, they'll get there. Anyway, when the crowd chanted "We Want Divas" at Orton, it got under his skin. He responded by posing. Then, he...