...goes on and tells Cena that it's the worst crowd ever, while Cena told him not to worry about it. Wait, worst crowd ever? That crowd was the hottest a crowd has been since the one after last years Wrestlemania. And you're calling them the worst? Why, because they didn't like you? Perhaps if you actually threw on a more entertaining match, they wouldn't have to chant that. To say I was disgusted by Orton is more than an understatement.

I'm glad that Cena was able to keep his cool. It shows that no matter where Cena goes, he's essentially used to it because of how he's been treated in predominantly northeastern towns. Unlike Batista, who flips off the crowd after the show is over. Yes, I know it's over and doesn't matter, but that's not the point. The point is doing that when it was completely uncalled for. So they boo you, that's their right. Hey Dave, remember when you went to wrestling show and booed the good guy? Did they ever flip you off? No. Because it's this thing called...Ummm....Whats the word, oh yeah "Class." It bothers me that the stars do that. The crowd came to have a good time, and too cheer and boo who they want. The fact that it got under your skin so much you wanted to flip them off is more than uncalled for.

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