Stone Cold Steve Austin Or The Rock? MO - Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart Or Shawn Michaels? MO - Shawn Michaels 

Triple H Or Randy Orton? MO - Triple H

Ultimate Warrior Or Macho Man Randy Savage? MO - Macho Man Randy Savage 

Hulk Hogan Or Andre The Giant? MO - Andre The Giant 

The Undertaker Or John Cena? MO - The Undertaker 

Lita Or Trish Stratus? MO - Lita

Mankind, Dude Love Or Cactus Jack? MO - Mankind 

The Big Show Or Kane? MO - Kane 

Chris Jericho Or Edge? MO - Edge

Rowdy Piper Or Jimmy "Super fly" Snuka? MO - Rowdy Piper 

Rey Mysterio Or Batista? MO - Rey Mysterio 

Brock Lesnar Or Goldberg? MO - Goldberg 

CM Punk Or Jeff Hardy? MO - CM Punk 

Goldust Or Booker T? MO - Goldust 

MO = My Opinion 

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