...A man of his caliber is someone that has the attitude of someone who just wants to win and wants to entertain. That last term is a forgotten one. Entertainment has become a lost art in WWE but Austin mastered it. His presence is missed and he is overdue for an appearance. And when he comes back, hopefully, fans will show the appreciation of the superstar who showed the most amount of attitude.

The Rock:

The Rock was a third generation superstar, but you can tell that when he entered WWE, he just had the look. He had everything really. The athleticism, the speed, the charisma, just everything. I mean, if you want an ideal WWE superstar, look no further than The Rock. Now recently, The Rock got a lot of hate for ending CM Punk's reign, especially in part because he wasn't their for the long run and only defended on PPV. However, I don't think people truly knows how great The Rock actually was. The crowd would go nuts over the most trivial of things. Whether it was his cartoonish catchphrases, the eyebrow raising, or any other subtle things, The Rock just knew how to get a crowd involved (similar to Daniel Bryan today). I just believe that he had the right combination of everything and with just the simple of things, The Rock would just sit back and listen to the cheers. People may not like The Rock, but the fact of the matter is that he was truly that great of a superstar. I don't think any superstar could match the combination he has. In my eyes, he was truly the real face of WWE.

For me, people may have mixed opinions on my pick, but I really believe that The Rock is the greatest WWE superstar of all time. It is extremely close and each man here has a case. But if you want to talk about a combination of a plethora of things, I don't think you can look any further than The Rock. Comment your picks and why. Thank you.