Why NXT Is the Future & Why Vince Should Retire


Recent reports claim that Vince McMahon is upset over NXT and looks down at its talents who are being called up to the main roster… All I have to say to this is VINCE GROW UP!

NXT has been a breakaway sensation from WWE, showcasing young talents who are hungry for the spotlight and just want to be the main attraction of the show. It kind of reminds me of the attitude era when each superstar were trying to out-show the other in the ratings competition. NXT has had much success in its short 4 year life cycle. Going from a small few episode contest outlining up-and-coming talents to a weekly hour long show filled with its own championships and impressive variety of talents. It’s no wonder Vince feels threatened that his brand (WWE) is lacking in that sense, but the silly part about it is that NXT is a WWE brand. When NXT makes money, Vince makes money, yet the guy hates the content being output from the show and looks down on the wrestlers for being more successful?

You can’t argue that some competitors have had success transitioning from NXT to WWE, some being the Wyatt Family, The Shield, & Rusev. But the thing about these guys is that their gimmicks were new, strong, and all had a different feel especially when the WWE audience were wanting something new. Other than them there’s also Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Paige and The Ascension who have struggled coming up to the main roster and not because they lack talent in the ring, but because they have yet to be introduced properly by WWE creative. Let’s take Adam Rose for example. When he was called up, WWE used him on TV for 4 weeks hyping a match between him and Jack Swagger at a PPV event.  The guy did nothing but danced with his Rose buds and went around calling heel competitors “Lemons.”  We didn’t get attracted to him therefore he became lost in the winds; same goes for and the Ascension who are doing nothing but destroying local tag teams talents, which hopefully builds them up slowly to get us wanting to see more. Paige had a great reaction when she was first called up, but her winning the Divas title right away really took that high momentum and began lowering it dramatically. She’s still used in today’s WWE but you have to admit that she doesn’t hold the same momentum as she did when she originally came to the WWE main roster, not to mention that the “Anti-Diva” is now on Total Divas… Whats up with that?!

Bo Dallas though is a 50/50 star, even though Vince hasn’t been sold on Bo, many fans have and his Bo-lieve champagne has garnered a lot of attention from people. Bo at the moment is out on injury which means he should be hopefully working on improving his character, maybe even getting rid of his Bo-Dog finisher and transitioning to a submission move finisher where he yells at his competitors to Bo-lieve in themselves and to not tap. But that’s not the main point of this article.

Vince is a workaholic plain and simple, he likes control and micromanages anyone and everyone working under him. He feels that his ideas that worked for the WWE back in the 80’s and 90’s are still relevant to this day and age, when in all reality there really not. The horrible fashion sense may be coming back slightly changed, but the way we think and what we want in the ring has changed dramatically. We’ve moved from large men bashing each other into a more faster and more streamline sense of action. We no longer want muscle headed competitors delivering slow sluggish matches, but smaller guys who can be agile, can last in the ring, and do as much damage as the big guys but in a more creative high octane way. In addition the size of the smaller wrestler tells us the audience that no matter your size you could make it in this business. It’s doesn’t depend on size anymore, but talent. NXT today really outlines that. Triple H has done a magnificent job in not only developing a new brand which really attracts the audience of today, but introducing the performance center as well, building and molding these talents for the cameras. It allows them to see and correct what we the audience would laugh at and make fun of. Were not cold blooded, but when it’s on TV for millions to watch, we look for screw-up’s that can make us laugh. But those screw-ups can also ruin a competitor and kill his or her momentum, thus the performance center helps with that. Triple H has proven that if he were to take over the business and creative, it wouldn’t mean the end of WWE but a re-birth for the newer, younger generation. As the old saying goes “out with the old, in with the new.”
NXT truly sent a wave of noise following R Evolution, and from here-on-in not only will NXT make noise but will shatter the stigma of what WWE wrestlers should look like, act like and be in general. Smaller statures, faster matches, more creative moves, great mic skills, exciting ring tactics… all of this makes for a great match, great feud, and great talents all together. 

Vince can be negative to the future talents, but one day he will realize the future is here, and that NXT is the way to go, whether he likes it or not. 

Thoughts, do you believe NXT is the future? 

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