Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dear EWN Community, we’re here to establish some rules for using Disqus and keep an orderly community. Please read carefully and participate respectfully!


Basic Rules (Warnings up to a ban)

Offensive Remarks: Insulting comments, bullying, or attacks towards another member will be result in a warning up to possibly being banned, depending on the severity of the offense. If it’s not something you would say in front of your boss, don’t say it. This includes using the same remarks against wrestlers or performers, as it is still considered highly toxic and disparaging. Please use your own judgement for the line of “good humor”.

Spamming: This one is specifically for those who try to spam the same messages or spam pointless nonsense. Mostly it’s harmless, but if it becomes too much of an annoyance, you will be warned to end it or be removed. Spam bots will still be banned on sight because we all hate them. This also goes for members who try to repeat same sentence that were originally deleted by mods (for a good reason of course).

Posting Video, Gifs, and Pictures: While we do allow posting of video content, gifs, and pictures on the site, we do have problems when it becomes an annoyance. Posting large amount of them in a row (which cause slowdowns from certain user’s computers or mobile phones), using them as a mean to attack other users, or explicit sexual content. Moderators have permission to delete any video, gif, picture they deem to be inappropriate for the site’s purpose. Deletion will most likely be the only punishment, but it becomes a problem with a specific user, they will be warned and/or removed.

Posting Links/Pending Messages/Advertisement: This has been a problem here because some of us want to post pictures, gifs, or videos, but due to trying to prevent spam bots from posting garbage, some of those materials might be put into a “pending” status until a moderator approves of it. If you have messages or link that you need approval of, then try to get whatever moderator you can find and tell them to approve it. Obviously posting stuff that is illegal, spam, or annoyance will be given the proper punishment depending of severity. Advertisements for personal stuff (Like your social media or personal stuff) is absolutely fine, However for example, if you sell a wrestling related product and decide to advertise it on this site without the consent of the webmaster, is not allowed.

Posting Spoilers:  Most of us hate being spoiled, so keep whatever stuff that happens on a show in that discussion thread. If it becomes a problem, you will be removed from the community. Discussing “shows currently airing on television (live or taped) is not against the rules here, but posting spoilers for taped shows in advance is.

Moderators: We put high trust into our moderator putting the best job they can to make sure the site is a productive, civil, and following these guidelines above and make important decisions on the site. I wish for all members to respect moderator decisions. Whether that is deleting posts deemed inappropriate, removing misbehaving members, or making sure things remain civil in EWrestlingNews, we ask you to please respect their decisions. Arguing with mods in public is unproductive and is discouraged.


Automatic Ban:

Racial/Hateful/Sexist Remarks: Simple as this, if you act like a bigot, say hateful remarks to any race, gender, sexuality, etc, you are gone, period. There is a difference between making an offensive jokes and shock value. If it’s considered rude, offensive, or toxic to the community, you will be removed, period.

Sabotage: Attempting to sabotage the Disqus community will result in a ban. Examples are (but not limited to) hacking the site itself, impersonating users, phishing, and inciting flame wars by bringing “drama”, other websites, or other platforms will result in permanent removal from EWN. This also applies to any attempts at “ban evasion.” Openly campaigning or advocating publicly to remove a mod or member from the site, instead of contacting the mods, will result in an automatic permanent ban. Calling out another mods/members in public for removing before contacting mods will also be grounds for removal. If you have any issues with the mods, please use the feedback form below.

Posting Porn: Anything that includes male or female nudity by traditional social/internet standards will be removed and will likely result in a permanent ban. In other words, this website does not endorse pornographic images and content in its Terms of Service, nor does it have an adult disclaimer. Any content that you would find in a pornographic website is strictly prohibited. Sometimes people like to blur the line here, but moderators will use their discretion and reserve the right to remove anything deemed pornographic.

If you are banned: If you feel like moderators have made a judgement error, please state your case and make an appeal using this form if you’d like to be allowed back into the Disqus system. Make sure to include your username and email associated with the discussion platform.


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