These are my top 3 ways I'd like to see the undertaker lose his streak. These aren't accurate predictions and are most likely not to happen. I'd love to also hear if your opinions to, if you agree or disagree.

Believe in the Streak?

Now I love Roman Reigns, he is a true entertainer for sure. The fans love him along with the rest of the shield. To be honest if WWE play their cards right, he could be one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time. Now one way to boost his popularity even more, is to have him beat the Undertaker? Well yes, this could without a doubt boost his popularity putting him in an epic match with the Dead Man. It is a risky choice if they ever decided to do this, as Roman Reigns could be forever known as the man who defeated one of the greatest things in WWE history, and forever having to be a heel. That is the worst case scenario though. This would be one of the greatest matches ever in my opinion.  

Wwe summerslam matches already being considered
Your time is up Undertaker?

This one has been suggested for the last few years. John Cena without a doubt, one of the biggest WWE superstars ever. His fan base (even with the WWE fans who hate him) is insanely huge. The thing is with John Cena over the last few years, he has been the go to guy. Now next year or the year after, if the Undertaker carry's his streak over fans of John Cena must be calling for an Undertaker vs John Cena Wrestlemania match. I reckon if it was to happen Cena would win, there is no other outcome I can think of that would be logical. This is because, Undertaker his career is almost over we all know that, but John Cena still has the trait of "I've conquered everything" showing that defeating the Undertaker at showcase of the immortals would really carry that trait on for John Cena.

Brotherly Love?

So at the number one spot, is for sure how I want the streak to end (if it is to end). I love Kane as much as I love the Undertaker (that is a lot). I think they're both fantastic entertainers, I love watching them in the ring. Okay so their Wresltemania 20 match wasn't the greatest, it was decent. Their first Wrestlemania match all the way back in 1998 at Wrestlemania 14, was also decent and still is one of my favourite 'Mania matches. We do know out of the ring they're not actually brothers, but they have had so many great moments with each other, and they're brothers in the ring. I'd love just to see and Kane vs Undertaker, just one more time. I think they're both capable of having an outstanding match, just one more to maybe retire both of them and induct them into the hall of fame. 

Undertaker vs kane wrestlemania xx