We all know that the post Mania Raw always has a few twists, turns and surprises. These are the 3 things that would make the post mania Raw special for me!

Bryan vs Brock at Extreme Rules

How do WWE elevate Daniel Bryan beyond where he is now? Put him in a title match at Extreme Rules with the guy who broke The Streak.

Post Mania RAW - Want No. 3

Daniel Bryan comes out to celebrate his title win, only to be interrupted by Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. After what I'm sure would be a great promo, Heyman then says that the man next in line for a shot at the title can only be the man who ended The Streak. Bryan of course accepts, and it's on for Extreme Rules - followed by a brutal beatdown by Lesnar for good measure, naturally.

Daniel Bryan triumphs in a Submission match - because nothings better than making the guy who beat The Streak tap out!

Db wins 5
Sting Debuts

Yeh I know. Obvious right?

We all know it's coming, but it's the how that's really going to make a difference. At the end of Taker vs Brock last night, a lot of people were saying that it looked like Taker could be winding down to retirement, and that it could be his last match. I really hopes that's not the case.

Post Mania RAW - Want No. 2

The Undertaker comes out to announce his retirement from pro-wrestling, thanks the fans, but is soon interrupted by the debut of Sting. Sting says if Taker wants to retire, so be it, but at least go out in style. Face him at Wrestlemania 31 and he promises a final match that will go down in history - win, lose or draw.

This would give the fans Sting vs Taker, and be a perfect send off. The only factor to consider is that Sting would have to lose, 2 Mania losses in a row would hurt Taker's legacy.

Sting 002
CM Punk Returns & Confronts Stone Cold Steve Austin

It won't happen; probably, but I can still hope.

The fans all want to see Punk vs Austin. It's up to Punk, WWE and Austin to make it happen, and give us what we have been clamouring for over the last 2 years!

Post Mania RAW - Want No. 1

Hulk Hogan opens the show. He thanks the fans for making Wrestlemania 30 the spectacle it was, but is quickly interrupted by the returning CM Punk. Punk makes his way to the ring, and quickly points out that Wrestlemania 30 was nothing because he wasn't on the show. He does a big heel turn and blames the fans for leaving because they turned their backs on him in favour of Daniel Bryan. Punk lines up to get physical with Hogan, but the glass shatters and out comes Austin. Stone Cold says that he's sick of Punk's attitude and disrespect to legends over the years, as well as his distain for Daniel Bryan, who is now the Best in the World. They go back and forth which ends up with Punk eating a Stunner, setting the groundwork for Punks vs Austin at Wrestlemania 31.

What would be your dream moments for RAW tonight? What do you hope to see?

Cm punk