Top 10 All-Time Greatest Pro Wrestling Entrance Themes ! (WWE)


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  • ejorbit

    Not sure when the blog section of this site turned into buzz feed.

    Also, this is actually a “top 9.”

    • PhEonYx

      Haven’t you noticed the EWN no longer supports an actual blogging section. For years all we saw in the blogging section was “Top Tens”, and quite frankly it grew boring and stale.

      Now, the new re-vamped EWN caters to a larger audience. That being said they figured, “Hey! Let’s drop the blogging portion of the site, and re name it The Editorial Section…. That way we can run the very same three editors posts on a daily basis…”

      Shit like this should not be found in an editorial section… Do something about it “higher power”…

  • Chinless Jobber*Sparky Crotch*

    What about the Road Warriors and Iron man? Or NWO and the Wolfpack?Also Kurt Angle and the You Suck sing along? Sandman and his theme on ECW always set off the crowd and even though Huckster gets on my nerves, Real American and Voodoo Child always gets the crowd’s reaction

    • BO

      He would have to make it a top 18 list to get all those in man 🙂 Real American should be in anyway, and Macho and Flair but all in all a pretty decent list.

    • Jay Dunckley

      WALK RVD!!!!

  • Dan K

    Like the list…I always liked the NWO theme…

    Also, Razor Ramon and Stone Cold’s theme is the same…just stone cold’s is like a heavy metal style.

    I like Kane’s Slow Chemical theme the best.


    Top 9 or 10

  • BO

    Pretty good top 9 list lol 🙂

  • Jay Dunckley

    Too many of these are from the past 20 years.Growing up I had Eye of the Tiger for Hogan,Another One Bites The Dust for JYD,Freebird for the Freebirds,Sharp Dressed man for Jimmy Garvin and the GREATEST entrance theme song of all time IRON MAN for the Road Warriors.It was cooler when wrestlers had real songs and not made up ones by half-ass artists who did nothing outside of wrestling themes.But,that’s just my experience.

  • joem49er

    Obviously, this article and subject matter is purely “subjective.” Having said that – here’s my pick for THE GREATEST entrance theme of all-time. BTW – I was there live to witness this entrance in Chicago. Love it or hate, there was absolutely no denying how electrifying this entrance was.

  • Ofcourse it is top 10. I had Bret hart’s theme @ no. 4th spot, but while uploading it had been removed by EwN for unknown reasons.

    Yes as Jay dunckley commented, too many of these are from the past 20 years. I am a fan of attitude era and only those themes & their gimmicks impressed me(and also millions of people) a lot. Thank you.

  • Noface Andy

    The funny part about Michael’s theme song is in the beginning of it being used, the whole thing was completely performed by Sherry Martel and her screaming in the beginning of the song is all that remains of that version. I don’t know if in all of their wisdom that WWE has gone back and changed all the old versions off the old PPV’s or left Sherry’s alone, but I have them on tape from back then…used to be funny as hell listening to Bobby Heenan whistling the song off key and telling Gorilla Monsoon that he heard him humming the song earlier in the day.