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Jeff Lindberg sent in this report from last night's WWE RAW broadcast:

I was at Raw tonight. I just got home and started watching the show on my DVR. The first thing I noticed was how drowned out the crowd was. It was extremely noticeable when Vickie Guerrero came out with the "excuse me" routine before getting down to business. There was a lot of heat live, but it didn't really come through on the TV. Her third excuse me on TV actually sounded like how the first two sounded live. Then I noticed in your report about the crowd being dead most of the night and figured I'd give you my perspective.

The crowd was hot for Undertaker, C.M. Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus's entrance. Crickets could be heard during Big Show's (although that's been commonplace for years). Vickie may have gotten biggest heat of the night when she came out (but again, didn't sound nearly as good on DVR). The crowd was into the Ryback vs. Cesaro match. The Dolph vs. Miz match the crowd got into. There was a strong "Let's go Ziggler" chant (that my crew started), but that was ill-timed because it ended up being during the commercial break.

The crowd was on fire for The Rock. Buffalo seemed to be anti-Cena. I was in the minority of people cheering him tonight. The crowd wasn't hot for two matches after Rock and Cena segment.

The one spot that I really noticed the crowd dead where it shouldn't have been was during Triple H promo. He didn't get nearly the reaction I would expect from a live crowd, especially after how great last week's encounter was with Brock Lesnar. The crowd really got hyped for the New Age Outlaws. I think Road Dogg and Billy Gunn got more reaction than Hunter did.

The main event was strong. I didn't really soak up live crowd buzz for that, as I was extremely tuned in on the match itself. A good match, but I felt they left a little on the table as far as match quality. Maybe it's because Punk is just so much better than the other three in the ring and he did the least amount of in-ring work of the four. Taker showing up again after match was great.

Post show, The Shield's triple power bomb of Big Show was scary. They had a tough time with him. Big Show was holding on for dear life to Reigns' neck to help stay up. I almost didn't think they could pull it off, but they made it work.

The dark match was usual business. One thing of note for me was John Cena was wearing an elbow pad on his right arm, which I can't say I recall last time he wore one. I wonder if he suffered a minor injury last Monday, or maybe at a house show during last week.

I loved the show. Buffalo wasn't the hottest crowd WWE's seen in a long time, but we weren't nearly as dead as it seemed to come through on TV. Maybe a sound problem on their part or acoustics of the arena...not really sure. We sounded much more alive than the broadcast gives us credit for.

Matt Teal sent in this report from last night's WWE RAW broadcast:

There were a lot of Steve Austin and "What?" signs. Wishful thinking maybe? Also, the "what?" chants really need to end. Undertaker was mostly what people in line were talking about.

Seeing Undertaker live was something to behold. There was a great pop when he came out, but when the WrestleMania symbol came up behind him the roof blew off.

There was a nice setup for the four-way match to start the show. Everyone but Big Show got nice ovations. Randy Orton is still very over. I like how they are going about this with building C.M. Punk up again via earning this spot. When he mentioned The Streak, he really got some nuclear heat from the crowd.

Ryback vs. Cesaro: Boy, Cesaro made him look really good. Interesting to see Ryback play a lot to the crowd. Even doing the Hulk ear thing except he just looked like a guy with swimmer's ear. The crowd didn't seem to know what to make of it. A great moment with him and Mark Henry

Mark Henry vs. Zack Ryder: We are in New York, so Ryder got some love...well, that didn't last long.

Miz with Ric Flair vs. Team Ziggler: Flair is still over. Seeing Flair and Ziggler out there at the same time really made me think about how they make sense together as opposed to Flair...