John Charles Layfield
  • Birthdate: 11/29/1966 (age 47)
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 290 Ib

JBL is a current color commentator in WWE, as p...

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-- To follow up on an earlier report regarding sales for the "WWE '12" video game last year, reader Matt sent us word that sales for the game on both the XBOX 360 and PS3 are up from the prior year. Matt said, "Even in the last story that was reported that admitted as such that there were no PS2 or PSP versions of the game. THQ is not concerned whatsoever about the overall numbers with all of those systems factored in. They're more concerned about the 360 and PS3 sales numbers, which were up from the previous years for both of those systems."

-- John "Bradshaw" Layfield confirmed via Twitter that he is scheduled to do commentary for the SmackDown tapings Tuesday night in Providence, Rhode Island.

-- Randy Orton was featured front and center on the lumberjacks graphic on RAW but did not appear. No word as of this writing if there were late creative re-writes or if it was a mistake/laziness on WWE's part. Orton has been out filming "12 Rounds: Reloaded" so the graphic made no sense.