​A Complete List Of Top WWE Merchandise Sellers


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE is currently pushing Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Steve Austin and
Ultimate Warrior in that order in terms of stars who are no longer active. While
Warrior was higher on the list a few weeks ago, that was obviously due to his

Currently the internet merchandise rankings go as follows:
Ultimate Warrior
2. John Cena
3. CM Punk
4. Daniel Bryan
5. The
Wyatt Family
6. The Shield
7. Evolution
8. Hulk Hogan

the arena sales rankings are:
1. John Cena
2. Daniel Bryan
3. Randy
4. Ultimate Warrior
5. Rob Van Dam
6. Brock Lesnar
7. The
Wyatt Family
8. Batista
9. Sin Cara

The report notes that everyone
from Warrior to Batista in the arena sales list are new entries.

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  • ThatOnePerson:TheIWCDoesn’tExi

    Punk gone still does better than most. WOOOOOOO.

  • ChaosMunchie

    So Daniel Bryan doesn’t move merchandise and isn’t really over right?

    • Best in the World

      Munch long time no see. How’s it going. And you’re right. The haters can stfu

      • ChaosMunchie

        Yeah I’m starting to go to the comment sections more often rather than just the live coverage. I just hate it when fans talk out of their ass.

        • Best in the World

          That happens 90% of the time. I believe people are entitled to their opinions but then validate them with reasoning otherwise people just sound like spiteful pricks

    • lol

  • CertifiedHeel

    That moment when you notice Sin Cara is on the list for arena sales

  • johnnyv123

    I’m baffled that Batista is moving merchandise.

  • Geoff Nicholson

    In arenas I imagine they push “kid friendly” stuff like masks more. Can’t see them selling loads of shield hoodies anywhere but the Internet due to cost.

  • Jason Middleton

    I can imagine tons of stock for Cena stuff but 25% stock of anything else, so when they “Conveniantly” run out of anyone but Cena’s neon bright stuff to sell they can push people to buy it and say “he still makes money for the company better than anyone else”, well in that case how about you just put him in the ring with a market stall and let him promote his own shit, hell he could be a crowd vendor like you see at basketball games or whatnot, you don’t even need him to wrestle.
    Arrive’s, promotes stuff, leaves or give him his own shopping channel on the WWE Network, I’m sure he can stand there and cut bullshit promo’s like he does anyway, make sure you have him tell people that “Their TIME to buy IS NOW” and “THE CHAMP IS HERREE!!! to sell you stuff”

    At the moment, WWE could sell Bray’s Sheep masks and make a ton of money, but they would risk having any member in the crowd, except the Cenation (kids, women and manchilds), wearing the sheep masks when Cena comes out, although that would be kind of cool.

    • Richard Trasler

      Whilst I understand your point, I really don’t think they would “Coveniantly run out of anyones” merchandise. First and full most WWE is a business and want to make money – thats why they push Cena down our throats because he makes them more money than anyone else on the roster. I’m pretty sure 90% of the locker room would love to be back in the late 1990’s and attitude era but that isn’t going to make them money atm.

      It’s kind of a shame that Punk has left at such a peak – with him rivalling with Cena on merch and with everyone behind Bryan, that could have started to make a u-turn….but i don’t think WWE intentionally holds other guys merchandise, if people buy it, they will sell it.

    • Peter Lopez

      They do sell all the sheep masks etc. If you go to live events regularly a lot of arenas tend to over stock on Cena items because it’s mostly kids that buy off the stalls. WWE doesn’t care if Cena sells more. IF Bryan started selling more shirts than Cena over a longer time, they’d slowly take the foot off the cena pedal. You’re conspiracy theory makes little sense considering they get money anyway.. If anything, purposely selling out LOSES sales as a lot of fans might decide against buying Cena stuff if Orton/Shield/wyatt stuff sold out.

    • HartAttack87

      Key word: imagine.

  • More proof, Randy Orton is a top draw despite what IWC say’s. Good for him he deserves it for his hard work and is not a quitter unlike CM Punk.

    • Roshi

      That’s a terrible opinion…

    • Wally Q

      You go AWOL on the military, you’re a quitter.

    • Samuel Perth


  • DanielsonFan

    WWE updates Cena’s merch every 2 months no wonder why he’s always number, plus the guy has about 50 items on their site, prob them guy like The Shield only have about 3.

  • Slaxl

    can’t believe i see rvd, sin cara and batista on the arena list haven’t been to a WWE event in awhile but on Raw and smackdown i don’t see much fans wearing punk merch – did they stop selling those at arenas?