A New Video Interview Featuring Colt Cabana Discussing His Recent CM Punk Podcast & More


Here is Colt Cabana talking with Title Match Wrestling at
Wrestlecade about the event, the CM Punk interview and more. Cabana’s comments
about the Punk interview, which was on his Art of Wrestling podcast, are

“All I care about is that he did it, and I’m glad that he
got the opportunity to do it. Doesn’t matter if it was mine, or doesn’t matter
if it was on the news or whatever, but he got to do it and that’s what’s most
important to me…it happened this weekend, during…this [WrestleCade] was the next
show afterward so it’s kind of cool that I’m hearing all of the reactions
straight from the mouth…to me it’s not about my show, it’s about that he got to
get that off his chest. It was really therapeutic and I feel really good for him
that he could do that.”

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