A Photo Of Real-Life Couple Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Arriving To RAW Together


We previously reported that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young were dating in real-life. In a possible sign of their ongoing relationship, we’ve obtained this photo of the two arriving to RAW together this past Monday in Richmond,

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  • supercilious1

    The new power couple in WWE! Move out of the way Punk/AJ… or skip out of the way!

  • Lying Mark

    How is jeans and a white tee considered professional?

    • deadsector

      it’s probably a pretty lax dress code, if there is even one. it’s a pain in the ass to travel in a damned suit and tie and you gotta get out of it pretty soon anyway whats the use.

    • Tsaalyo

      It’s not like he’s an accountant in Stamford.

    • Sevencagedtigers

      I think they’re supposed to dress “In character” outside the ring so yeah, Ambrose lucked out with the tshirt and jeans

  • blackthornerose

    Soooo? They’ve been seen arrivivg together at shows before, so what’s the big deal?

    • RyanClarkWZR

      Who said it was a big deal?

      • darthquixote

        I think the question is whether you are basing that they are ACTUALLY dating by this picture. If so, what’s the big deal? Last I heard they were just friends and Renee was in a serious relationship with someone else.

        • xViickk

          Holy shit.. This is a wrestling news site not a fucking daycare center…. Awww booo hooo he told me to drink bleach… Well heres some advice. Suck it up. Deal with it and move on and stop being a bitch

          • darthquixote

            I think you are confusing me with RiseNfall. Also what does your response have to do with the comment you are actually responding to?! I agree with your sentiments though, even if you can’t read properly. πŸ˜‰

          • xViickk

            No i knw but i clicked reply on your name. My bad lol

          • darthquixote

            No problem homie! πŸ˜€

      • Ams

        ey macho

      • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

        I upvoted your comment to be cool.

  • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

    Idk why but i see Renee Young moving from wrestler to wrestler.

    • Chair Shot

      She’s not Sunny.

  • deadsector

    why that lucky bastard…… BTW he’s damned good wrestler too

    • Guest

      i had a very weird dream last night,is was rikishi in the standing doggy position getting fucked by someone from behind

      • deadsector

        I……………. really needed to know that before lunch?

      • HailCaesar

        he did it for the rock…

      • birdbrain2

        Since you dreamed it. It must have been you.

  • Tsaalyo

    Cue the creepy Renee salivators.

    • darthquixote

      Haha. Here I am.

      • darthquixote

        Reading Truman Capote. Hott!!!

  • Mik3FresH

    She’s a babe

  • TheVobb

    HeΒ΄s a lucky bastard! πŸ™

  • Coty

    Renee is married though no?

    • Austin Bridge ~King Of Games~

      Nobody resists The Titty Master.

    • ♋‒†Γ!plΞ£b2k1β€’β™‹ – WGU

      that was a false rumor

  • Why is this news?.

    • ThatOnePerson:BeastForBusiness

      You ain’t Mrs. Ambrose. Renee Young is, sorry.

      • You’re an idiot go bother someone else. No duh!!!! I am a fan genius.

        • ThatOnePerson:BeastForBusiness

          Don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud.

    • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

      Who is that in your avatar picture?

    • Chair Shot

      It’s wrestling related

  • Joe

    How is CM Punk NOT part of this piece of journalistic gossip?

  • VinceMcMahonsPervingFace

    She is so…………

  • Agronegro

    Her tities are gonna get mastered by the Titty Master.

  • CreatureAndIvorMyAss


  • pgarcia79

    That lucky bastard.

    • Shorty

      I read a article that Dean Ambrose is not dating anyone that he is not dating any body in WWE I read a article That Renee Young was getting back Stage heat From WWE for hanging with Dean Ambrose and that triple H and WWE officials are high on Dean Ambrose as a WWE Superstar and find Renee young a huge distraction to him ad that they want Dean Ambrose to forget Renee Young and focus on his career with WWE the only reason why Renee Young still has a job with WWE is because she is backing off Dean Ambrose and focusing on his career I talk to someone who talks to both Roman Reigns a Dean Ambrose as a friend to them and a WWE Fan and has met them in person and according to who talk to Dean Ambrose does like someone and it is not a WWE Superstar and It is not Renee Young it is a WWE fan ME the person I talk to met Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in person so they both know who I am and the person I talk to is and about us, so don’t believe the rumors it goes to show the WWE Superstars can like and fall for their fans

  • Shorty

    she is a hoe bag she goes from wrestler to wrestler
    It is a rumor