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-- Stephanie McMahon was asked on Twitter what she would do if her brother returned to WWE television. She replied, “Depends.” As of this writing, there are no plans for Shane to return to WWE television.

-- As of today (Wednesday), former ROH world champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards had not heard back from WWE officials as of last week after they participated in an evaluation session in August at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Reports from the session indicated that both individuals stood out the most of the thirty wrestlers who performed. Regarding WWE signing prospective talent who participate in the sessions, various personnel observe and then report on who they feel are the best to Triple H. He then uses their feedback and makes a final decision on who will get signed.

-- WWE officials are reportedly high on WWE Diva Aksana. Many higher ups, including Triple H, think that she has something special and are looking for the best spot to make use of her. They know she needs a lot of in-ring work but feel she can become something if given the proper push.