Aj lee
AJ Lee
April Jeanette Mendez
  • Birthdate: 3/19/1987 (age 28)
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 115 Ib

AJ Lee is a self-professed "nerd", as she loves...

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-- During a recent interview with the LA Times, The Miz stated that work has already started on the new Scooby Doo that WWE Studios is involved with. Here is what he had to say… "I just did voice-over work for it yesterday (earlier last week), and it was fun. But, you know what is weird about that? You are doing voice-overs, and you are just standing there with a microphone. To get you into the character, like say my character was running, then I would be running in place next to the microphone. It doesn't look that cool. But, I guarantee you that the movie will be laugh-out-loud funny and the movie seems like it will be really good. It's going to be weird to see myself animated, although I am already pretty animated in real life."

-- As we noted earlier here on the website, Esquire recently did an interview with WWE Diva and RAW General Manager AJ Lee, which you can read here. Here are the highlights…

On Becoming RAW GM: "It came completely out of left field. "I had no idea that they were looking for a general manager for a really long time. They felt that it would be really surprising and unpredictable. So, you know, I book matches. I'm the boss of all the guys. It's fun because a lot of them have wronged me."

On Her Roots as a Tomboy: "I heard a million times to clean up, but not be too much of a tomboy. I heard, 'This is what you have to convert to, this is the formula,' A.J. said. "And you know, it's wrong. There was something in me where I knew that people wanted someone that they could relate to. I was able to show that I was goofy and dorky, and right away, people embraced that. The company noticed and they were like, 'Let's just go with that.'"