Aj lee
AJ Lee
April Jeanette Mendez
  • Birthdate: 3/19/1987 (age 28)
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 115 Ib

AJ Lee is a self-professed "nerd", as she loves...

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-- Monday Night RAW's social media activity score was 369,933, which is down from last week's score of 401,202. RAW ranked #5 on cable TV, trailing Teen Wolf, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Shark Week programming.

-- WWE RAW General Manager AJ Lee recently did an interview with Chad Dukes of 106.7. Here are some highlights:

On Kissing Kane: "That’s kind of like the moment where it all just skyrocketed, ’cause stuff got weird that That’s the stuff like I’m most comfortable with now, I like the weird. I like the moments where, there’s been a lot of moments, there’s actually a poll on dot com, what was my craziest moment. And looking at it you know, I’ve done a lot of out there stuff in the past couple months."

On going from wrestling to General Manager: "I never thought I would open or close Raw and let alone do it multiple times. So it’s very surreal and I appreciate that spot and if that means not getting in the ring, I have a whole career for that. Hopefully, I won’t have a one year career, you know. So if we can do this now, there’s always time to get back in the ring, there will always be a moment, where the time is right. I can put myself in the ring now. I can give myself a title match if I wanted to. So there’s time for that and I love wrestling, and I love being in the ring. But if it doesn’t work right now it doesn’t work right now. It’s in my dream to do kinda all of it."