WWE developmental wrestler Memo Montegro recently spoke about joining WWE, his in ring style and more. Here are the highlights…

On Being in WWE developmental: "It's an incredible experience. In the three, four months I've been here, I've already learned so much. I can't believe how much I've learned so far. I want to thank Bill DeMott, Norman Smiley, Joe Mercury, Ricky Steamboat, because they really help me and tell me my mistakes to learn from and improve and get better."

On How His Father Dos Cara Feels About Him Changing His In-Ring Style: "My dad loved it. In Mexico, it's a good business, but here it's bigger, and it's a bigger opportunity for me. My dad said in the future if something happens, ‘you'll have the background working in the states, and it'll be easier for you to work in Japan, Europe and even in Mexico.' My dad likes that I'm following in the steps of my brother. My brother followed in the steps of my dad, and I'm following in the steps of my brother."

On Joining WWE & The Differences Between USA & Mexico's In-Ring Styles: "I almost started wrestling in Mexico for CMLL, but then I spoke with John Laurinaitis [who was the WWE's senior vice president of talent relations], and he told me they were going to sign me. There's a really big difference between the Mexican style and the American style. There's more psychology in the American style. So to prepare, I also started working with American wrestlers in Mexico. My brother is 6-4, and he weighs more than me, but for me I have good size here in America. I try to mix a little of the Mexican style with the American style. I do high-risk moves and combine it with the American style, so that helps me a lot."