-- ComicBookMovie.com recently did a story on former WWE star and Cryme Tyme member Shad Gaspard. The article talks about Gaspard and Marc Copani (Muhammad Hassan) and a recent graphic novel they worked on together. The novel, titled Assassin and Son: Path of Vengeance, is set in present day New York and follows Donovan Braddock; a one-man killing unit who works with a team of assassins known as "The Horsemen." When he tries to leave his old life behind, his wife is murdered in front of him, sending him and his young son on an epic journey of revenge and consequence that becomes their "Path of Vengeance." You can click here to read the article and get more details on the project.

-- Josh Edlow sent this one in: Hi guys, As we get closer and closer, the card is coming together quite nicely. In addition to the first defense of the IWGP Intercontinental title, New Japan star Kushida will challenge whomever is the SWF Champion on August 26th. The SWF Championship will be defended 10 days earlier when WWE Tough Enough Alum AJ Kirsch (tumbleweed) challenges "The Champion of Champions" Dave Dutra for the title. More details about this event are available at www.sacramentowrestling.com You may recall AJ Kirsch was the man who wowed Tough Enough judges with a promo (including The Rock) before ultimately being eliminated from the competition. Since that time AJ Kirsch has been all over the states working independents. He has received call backs from both WWE and TNA since that time and is simply waiting for his big break. Thank you again guys for your coverage. It is nice to draw some attention to Northern California, an area that largely gets overlooked at some times.

-- A group with the rather specifically-themed name of "Moms Opposing McMahon" put together a rally today in order to voice their opposition to Linda McMahon's Senate campaign. The rally, held in West Hartford, Connecticut, delivered a message similar to that released by the state Democratic Party, which supports the group. The group notes that they are not financially aligned with Chris Murphy, the Democrat who is likely to face Linda in the general election. The group mostly pointed out the company's Attitude Era programming, such as the oft-criticized segments portrayed as degrading to women.

When asked for comment, WWE's senior VP of communications Brian Finn said, "All WWE broadcast programming is TV-PG, rated not by us, but by the standards and practices departments of our TV network distributors, while the majority of today's prime time programming is rated TV-14. Five million women watch WWE's weekly TV programming, representing nearly 40 percent of our TV audience. Women would not be watching if they found our programming objectionable."