Credit: Stephen Lyon and The Wrestling Observer

Just back from the Raw taping. I can honestly say that was the most fun Raw tv taping I have ever been to. The crowd were awesome. Just to add a few things to the Raw notes already on the site:

- Dean Ambrose did a promo walking to the ring for his match. He said the crowd were all witnessing history and the start of his greatness in WWE. His came across great and drew good heat from the crowd. He also looked good in his win.

- The Yes chants have totally caught on and are officially the new What?! Chant, for better or worse. One thing is for sure though - Daniel Bryan has not been damaged one bit by his WM28 loss. I realise tonight's crowd was comprised of many overseas fans who came for Mania, and who are generally 'smart'(ish), but the entire crowd were chanting Yes throughout the show. In a hilarious bit, when Del Rio came out to face Sheamus, Del Rio got a "Si, Si, Si" chant.

In the dark match 6 man, Daniel Bryan received a reaction coming out equal to that of the Rock and just below Brock Lesnar. Show, Orton and Sheamus were just cracking up laughing. Every time Bryan tagged out, everyone was yelling "We want Bryan" literally the second he tagged out. Every time he kicked or punch, it was a Yes. Every time the faces did a move, it elicited a No chant. When Sheamus pinned Bryan, he was roundly booed (he was booed earlier on too).

- Bryan did a great promo to close the show, pretty much a babyface promo. He said last night was the worst moment of his career, but that tonight was one of the best. He asked AJ what she thought of everything, and as she meekly went to speak, he pulled the mic away, told her to shut up and go to back, which for a big pop and everyone laughed. He thanked all the fans tonight and at WM28 for chanting Yes and supporting him. He said the chants have convinced the people on charge to create a new t-shirt for him (presumably with Yes on it). He then said he had one thing left to say, and asked everyone to join in saying it - "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He also said, "You guys better buy the t-shirt!" which was funny.

- Not sure how it came across on tv but I felt the Lord Tensai was a little underwhelming. Everyone saw it was A-Train and chanted as such. He also got "You shaved your back!" chants as well. That poor guy has walk around with that tattoo transfer on his face too. And it looks like he got run over by a truck as well.

- There was a guy dressed up as Randy Savage in the crowd in the front row who got a huge reaction during the Punk vs Henry match.

- Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade watch half of the show at ringside before leaving. Machine Gun Kelly came out to take his seat and was booed out of the building.

- As far as Cena goes, he got 100% boos. There was just nobody cheering for the guy. It was one of the most anti-Cena crowds for a regulaf Raw that I can recall.

- The place just went nuts for Lesnar. It was a bigger pop that Rock got (in Miami, which is pretty crazy). People just knew he was coming out at some point, which chants and signs beforehand.

- After the show, people were still chanting Bryan's name exiting the building. I think they really have something with Bryan, but I fear they'll probably screw it up because the fans are trying to 'make' Bryan, as opposed to 'the machine'. We shall see.