Credit: WWE DVD News

All listings for WWE: The Attitude Era on DVD and Blu-ray for November 2012 have been removed from internal schedules for the US and Australia. This usually happens when a title has been canceled or postponed. Right now, the majority of retail sites, including Amazon, still have it listed for release but this will likely change. no longer has it available for pre-order.

The DVD was first revealed in July, with a published synopsis and release date set. Artwork and content had not been released, but filming and production on the set have already finished.

Because of former WWE CEO Linda McMahon's campaign for the US Senate seat in Connecticut, the DVD was questioned. One publication, The Journal Inquirer in Connecticut, was given footage from that era and commented on the release time being so soon after the election. Before this, WWE removed certain footage from YouTube and other sites to "protect their corporate reputation from being mischaracterized in negative political agendas".

There is no word on if the project was canceled but there will likely not be a release this year. More as we get it.