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-- Tonight in Kansas City, Kansas at a Metro Pro Wrestling show, Adam Pearce will face NWA World Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana in the fourth match of their Best-of-Seven series. If Pearce loses the series, then he will be forced to "retire from the NWA." Cabana is currently up 3-0. The match is being advertised as a two-out-of-three falls match.

-- Friday night at TNA's Basebrawl house show, Rob Van Dam pinned Robbie E. to score 7 points in the Bound for Glory series. Jeff Hardy's win over Mr. Anderson earned him 7 points as well. Their wins have tightened up the current standings in the #3-7 positions. Jeff Hardy will face A.J. Styles and Mr. Anderson will face Robbie E. at tonight's Basebrawl house show. James Storm will face A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle will face Bully Ray on the July 26 edition of Impact. Samoa Joe is currently in the lead with 47 points, followed by James Storm with 43 points. The current standings are as follows:

Wrestler - Points [BFG Series Record] ... # of Matches (includes kick-off Battle Royal):

(1) Samoa Joe - 47 points [5-3-0] ... 8 matches

(2) James Storm - 43 points [4-1-1] ... 6 matches

(3) Jeff Hardy - 28 points [4-2-0] ... 6 matches

(4) Kurt Angle - 27 points [3-3-0] ... 6 matches

(5) Mr. Anderson - 23 points [3-3-1] ... 7 matches

(6) Rob Van Dam - 21 points [3-3-0] ... 6 matches

(7) Daniels - 19 points [3-3-0] ... 6 matches

(8) Magnus - 14 points [2-4-0] ... 6 matches

(9t) A.J. Styles - 7 points [1-3-0] ... 4 matches

(9t) The Pope - 7 points [1-5-0] ... 6 matches

(9t) Bully Ray - 7 points [1-3-0] ... 4 matches

(12) Robbie E. - 5 points [1-6-0] ... 7 matches

-- Newsday recently spoke with TNA Champion Austin Aries about his belief that his time champion would come, working with Hulk Hogan and more. Here are some highlights:

On becoming champion: "When I think about it, the progression in the last 18 months, I have always been confident that I could be in this position. I don't know if surreal is the word. It's more like ‘finally,' that the hard work, the moments of doubts, in the end all those things work themselves out."

Working with Hulk Hogan: "That's been great. That's maybe when the word surreal comes in. That's where my mom calls and says, 'Did you ever think that when you were little and playing with those rubber wrestling dolls that you'd be in the ring with Hulk Hogan?' When you have those moments you go back into your childhood. Who knew how many years ago that you'd be doing this?"