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-- For those who may have missed it earlier, Vince McMahon's return to RAW Monday gave the show a ratings boost as the program drew almost 600,000 more viewers than last week. The show drew a 2.78 (2.8) able rating over the course of three hours, up ten percent last week's 2.54 figure.

RAW averaged 4.07 million viewers, up from 3.50 million viewers-a year-low. It was the program's highest viewership since the Sept. 12 show.

Viewership peaked in the first hour with an average of 4.19 million viewers before sliding to 4.067 million viewers in the second. Viewership remained nearly the same in the third hour, which 4.065 million third hour viewers.

-- WWE Champion CM Punk continued to play up his ongoing feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on Raw Monday by once again slamming the legendary wrestler. The Straight Edge Superstar proclaimed that unlike Austin, he didn't get to the top by doing things the easy way and beating up an old man in Vince McMahon. As noted earlier, the WWE Hall of Famer issued a one-minute video stating that he's not going to let Punk's comments slide and that he will respond in greater detail soon.

"Hey, it's Stone Cold Steve Austin, I'm coming to you from Mexico where I'm out here working on Redneck Island and I heard through word on the street that CM Punk has been running down Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday Night Raw for the past two weeks. I heard that you've been running me down. I didn't see the show, so I haven't heard or seen the promos. But I'll get on YouTube, I'll watch 'em, I'll respond accordingly on my website, BrokenSkullRanch.com. Or hell, if anybody up there in that organization, including you, got any guts or class you'll send me the damn promos so I can respond accordingly. But you ain't going to talk trash about me and I'm just going to let it slide," said Austin.

"You call yourself the best in the world, you're a damn joke and I ain't going to get carried away here because I haven't seen the promos, I just know that the words you had to say weren't flattering. This is Stone Cold Steve Austin. You are looking, you are listening, to the best in the world and that's all I got to say about that."

In case you missed it earlier with all the news, Austin's video message can be seen below:

Steve Austin on WhoSay

-- We also posted this earlier but a lot of the news got lost today as there was so much of it! Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network and The Baltimore Sun spoke with Paul Heyman at THQ's press event in New York City last week promoting the WWE '13 video game. During the interview, Heyman addressed his involvement with WWE '13, including composing the story-lines for the game and how his marketing company is now promoting it. He also talked about his shock at being back as an on-camera personality, his love for the opportunity to be working with CM Punk and how the partnership between ECW and WWF in the 1990s came to be.