Awesome Kong
Kia Michelle Stevens
  • Birthdate: 09/04/1977 (age 39)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 272 Ib

She is a five-time Women's Champion, having won...

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Current Shine Wrestling star, former TNA Knockout Champion and WWE Diva Amazing Kong joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 40 minute interview, she discussed if fans are reluctant to come up to her at shows with her in-ring persona, her role as a ‘monster' women's wrestler and how they shot the promos for ‘Kharma', the use of the Implant Buster as a finisher, what it is like being in the ring with ‘Pryme Time' Amy Lee, if whether someone getting hurt in the ring is upsetting personally, if she has ever had a match turn into a shoot in the ring, how she got to be involved with Shine Wrestling, her thoughts on former WSU Champion and her upcoming opponent Mercedes Martinez, the role of social media in wrestling today and much more.

Who came up with the idea of ‘Kharma' and her promos: "It was creative' s idea and then, once we got there they let me put some input in on what we can do with it and actually my fiancé, he was there and they let him put some input into it. Once we were there, it was like a whole collaborative effort. Actually I have to take back ‘delicious' cause I bit the Bellas a few times and they weren't that tasty. So, we didn't know what it was going to look like afterwards, cause it's odd when they tell you ‘This is going to be in slow motion, or might be in slow motion' ; your brain starts to think ‘I have to move in slow motion?' So, even though they shot it in regular speed, all I hear is go in slow motion.

I literally sat in that chair from 7 at night until 3 in the morning and I didn't get up, I didn't move, I didn't do nothing because my new gear is made so that it isn't really that easy to get into; the whole process is I need a team of people to put me in it. So, once I'm in it I'm going to stay in it. So I sat there right there in that chair, from 7 to 3, and didn't buzz or get up. But it was about fun, and it was so fun that it went by fast.

How long after her issues with TNA did she get to WWE and who contacted whom: "It was less than 9 months later, I know that. I was nine months later I got the call and I wasn't real surprised and I was actually really sick; I had had a cold and strep throat and was really ill. John Laurinaitis had contacted me and I'm sure he thought I was making fun of his because I was talking in the same voice, and I thought ‘Oh great, I'm sure he thinks I'm mocking him and I'm a jerk' but no, I'm really sick. And just to make sure that it was really John Laurinaitis, I requested that he send me an e-mail because if this is somebody pulling a rib on me, I'm packing my bags and going to wherever they are we are going to throw down. But it was actually Mr. Laurinaitis and things went from there."

Does she see a comparison between herself and her style to that from the 90's wrestling scene: "I do, because I'm from the generation that those are the women that we watched and idolized, you know what I mean? So, I definitely do. You know, when you're smaller, when you're younger, these are the people you want to be; these are the people you want to become, these are the people you want to emulate. Going to Japan, I learned to make it my own, but when I'm out there, especially early on in your career, you tend to want to get through the indulgence and indulge yourself in a match or two and do the things you always wanted to do in the ring, and I recommend this to any wrestler, do the things you really want to do in the ring really early on in your career before you get real seasoned. I mean, there's time where I would get in the ring and do the People's Eyebrow because it's something I wanted to do and always saw on TV, but then you start to build your own character and start to be you versus you being someone else. So, it takes time so just know that it takes time before you're going...