Backstage News On Why Kane Removed His Mask On Monday’s RAW & The Rumored Plans


WWE reportedly is trying to come up with a tie-in for WWE
programming between Kane and his character from the See No Evil films, Jacob
Goodnight. According to speculation, the removal of Kane’s mask this week on RAW
was a sign that WWE wants to bring the Jacob Goodnight character to TV. Shades
of Zeus from No Holds Barred wrestling at Summerslam, perhaps?

See No Evil 2 is currently due out for release on October 17, and
WWE reportedly wants to introduce the character on TV in order to promote the

In addition, started a poll for fans
asking what Kane’s unmasking on RAW means. As of now, over 18,000 votes have
been cast, with the answer of “Kane will come back more dangerous than
leading the vote at 34 percent. Coming in second at 31 percent
was, “We’ve seen the last of Kane.” Third at 25 percent is,
The Authority is weakened.” It is interesting because it
seems WWE has unmasked and then re-masked Kane several times over the course of
the last two years. He wore the mask again when he feuded with Cena, and then he
took off his mask when he joined The Authority. He then donned the mask yet
again under Stephanie McMahon’s influence to go after Daniel Bryan. And now, he
has unmasked himself yet again.

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  • MyDogsACarpetMuncher

    Not this again.

  • Chief Big Gut

    I kinda like the idea, but Kane is Kane. Corporate Kane was terrible. I don’t know how this would work. I will say that I liked the Badass Undertaker….but he was still the Undertaker.

    • Best in the World

      Hell No Kane > corporate kane

  • Animal Ambition

    Kane has done almost every incarnation of his character possible, I’m waiting for surfer Kane next

    • TheIronMullet

      LOL, with bleach blonde hair (whatever hair he has left), neon hawaiian shirt, and have him end every sentence with “BRAH!” or “DUDE!”

  • Marc Thompson

    If they bring him in with.the white mask from see no evil 2 that would be cool. wearing the apron.

    • Brandon Hex

      Fat boy, You got horrible ideas.

    • Brandon Hex

      Making his country proud.

  • Krueg518

    I like the fact that they change him up a lot. That bald man titty Kane we saw none stop for 8 years was fucking brutal.

  • Razor Ramon 4Life

    I wanna see 9.99 kane

    • ROB-1.

      Here we go with $9.99 again!!!

  • Mike Lient

    Hopefully we see a darker side then.

  • Making that fuck money


    • TheIronMullet

      Make him use the voice box too so he can sound like Stephen Hawking again.

  • Batman

    Wasn’t Kane basically that character just not actually killing people.

  • Kedo2


  • ddded

    they are nuts,taking out the mask,few months later put it in,few months later take it out

    • Best in the World

      You put the mask back on, you take the mask back off you put the mask back on and shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey and…….you get the idea

  • Remember My Name

    If this is the case he needs to break away from the authority and just be on a rampage attacking anyone and everyone go after the good guys and heels.

    • Best in the World

      I miss those days when kane was a force of destruction and just ran over everyone face heel or retired performer

      • Remember My Name

        Yea that’s when he was great I am a huge kane fan so I like whatever they give him (not the suit and tie so much) but I liked how when his music hit and two guys were in the ring you didn’t know who was getting it but at keast one was getting choke slammed

  • MyDogsACarpetMuncher

    Retire Kane. That would truely be what’s best for business.

    • James Sheppard

      and for him to be honest. He’s got his insurance company set up, he’s an ultra saver so he’s got plenty of cash saved up from wrestling in wwe for nearly 20 years. Also heard he’s got political ambitions, he should make a move soon to retire, he’s put in so many years he deserves a good retirement.

      • MyDogsACarpetMuncher

        Thanks Kanes mom.

        • James Sheppard

          lol what? I was agreeing with you

  • Dion Mesa

    This whole thing means nothing unless he’s going to do a completely different gimmick or retire, kind of like how Undertaker was a biker for a little while. Kane’s been a comedy figure, a monster that people legitimately bought into, a monster that people aren’t scared of, a monster that’s put into silly situations that demean and devalue the character… I mean it’s to the point now where the character means shit.

    • hackensaw

      right you are!

  • Thomas

    Jacob Goodnight… lol….

    • ROB-1.

      I think I’ll go goodnight.

  • Patrick Michael

    I guess I can live with this. But if Hornswoggle comes out as “The Leprechaun” I may have to start watching Monday Night Football instead.

    (And yes, I know that was one of his first gimmicks.)

  • RetiredPetersburg

    I’m glad The Rock wasn’t around when Tooth Fairy came out.

    • KEY-mo


  • Ammabitchslaptheshitoutofryan

    WWE is stupid. Writers now think that characters get interesting cause someone puts on and takes off a mask. SMH

    • Best in the World

      It would be if rey did but besides that you’re right

    • mushroomman

      Raw is really really bad these days. Its just three hours of Stephanie.

  • DarkestKnight

    Thats the most ridiculous thing I’ve read

  • tiger316

    So idiotic… then why they didn’t put “chaperone character” on Triple H when he played in “The Chaperone” movie…

  • ChaosMunchie

    So Kane is gonna turn into Jacob Goodnight? So this is almost as silly as May 19th.

    • Best in the World

      May 19th?

    • ROB-1.

      Maybe Kane will get a goodnight.

    • Brenny the Bull

      I forgot about May 19th, maybe Katie Vick can come back again this time around

  • James Sheppard

    Apparently the RAW after SummerSlam the Scorpion King is making an appearence LIVE via Sattelite.

    • RetiredPetersburg


  • TheIronMullet

    Or he’ll just come back as Hollywood Kane in skinny jeans since Batista isn’t currently around to continue the gimmick.

  • Brian H.

    They’ve already DONE that angle when the first film came out… so lame

  • Omegaman

    How do you people keep watching this crap?

  • RyanOD93

    Del Rio gets sacked for a slap, WWE writers get paychecks for eye raping fans weekly. Makes sense

  • Jeremy Hull

    Geez….Kane is supposed to be a monster. The man has been a machine for years. His size, durability, intelligence and professionalism make him one of kind. Give him another title run and let him finally pin Cena clean at some point!

  • sierrahotelindiaecholimadelta

    Everything is better with masks….

    • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

      Looks like Bane got the 5 Dollar fill up box with dark meat.

  • Best in the World

    When he unmasked a decade ago it meant something. When he put it back on it meant something.

    Now its stupid and watered down just like HIAC, Elimination Chamber and TLC

    • Nivl0c

      I agree, I miss the days whe Kane was feared, now he’s a push over!

  • julian

    So surprised Cena Was’ nt told to become THE MARINE

    • Paul Heyman’s Nutsack

      He was already The Marine, indestructible, invincible and overcomes all odds. Oh and he was shit in the movie too aswell as the WWE ring.

  • ROB-1.

    To mask or unmask , that is the question.

  • Ralph Wiggum

    Just fire Kane…. WWE has already ruined his image!

  • Brenny the Bull

    You guys should get off Kanes back the only reason he’s still wrestling is because he’s probably still paying for all those skingraphs and plastic surgery, don’t you remember he was horribly burned in a fire at his parents funeral home………. I heard a rumour his brother started it it’s was tragic both his parents died.

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      but you would think he would have been able to put the past behind him.he seems to do pretty good despite his setbacks.

    • hackensaw

      ah, the lost art of kayfabe…

  • Bobbie Bowman

    Ham and egger status…

  • TheBastionBooger

    This is going to be fucking awful

    • bart13

      I’m glad someone remembered Bastion Booger.

      • Master_Seamonkey

        He’s been around.

        • bart13

          I remember when he would come out and the announcers would talk about his stench.

  • THE Sami Ryyppö

    Instead of actually bringing the character from the movie in, I’d be more interested to see a storyline where Kane turns out to be a method actor and he’s just simply being Kane who can’t get out of the character in the movie.

  • Zach Corbitt

    So in other words… WWE has no fucking clue what they’re doing. Terrific.

    • Master_Seamonkey

      Nothing new here. lol

    • Focker, Out

      They’ve come along the past 5 years, haven’t they.

  • Bholland

    his image has been tarnished! Why not have done this years ago when the first movie came out to make his character actually kinda scary and mysterious? Instead you guys play around with his image like he is a Looney Toon for saturday morning cartoons.

  • Focker, Out

    Kane should just retire