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UPDATE: TNA reportedly closed their deal to return to Universal Studios for their upcoming TV and PPV tapings earlier on Friday (Jan. 24). Previously, it looked like TNA wasn't going to be able to schedule tapings at their soundstage due to other productions utilizing the soundstages. TNA got around this issue by changing their taping schedule and taping on weekend dates when they usually run house shows and booking specific dates instead of their original plan of taking over the soundstage completely when they used to rent the Impact Zone fulltime.

Many in the company are now relieved that they have a place to tape the TV shows.

ORIGINAL: TNA has announced the following dates that they will be filming at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, starting in March. More details on the company's new arrangement with Universal Studios in Orlando will be announced soon:

March 13 – iMPACT! Live

March 14 – iMPACT! Taping

March 15 – iMPACT! Taping

April 10 – iMPACT! Live

April 11 – iMPACT! Taping

April 12 – iMPACT! Taping

April 26 – One Night Only Taping

April 27 – TNA Pay-Per-View Event

April 28 – iMPACT! Taping

April 29 – iMPACT! Taping

May 7 – iMPACT! Taping

May 8 – iMPACT! Taping

May 9 – iMPACT! Taping