Credit: PWInsider

The Nashville Fairgrounds is said to have a healthy crowd tonight. We've heard from a lot of fans that used to frequent the old TNA days that they were going to the show.

Former ROH champion Jerry Lynn is backstage. He lives in Nashville and it's the first wrestling show he's attended since retiring last year. Lynn has cut off the trademark long hair that he's had since the late 1980s as well.

If Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) is there, they are keeping him hidden backstage as nobody has seen him.

According to sources, some sort of surprise is planned for it's unknown what as of this writing.

ROH announced a 1/3/15 return to the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Before ROH went on the air, they taped several matches for upcoming ROH in Sinclair TV:

*War Machine won a squash.
*Adam Page defeated The Romantic Touch.