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Dean Ambrose
Jonathan Good
  • Birthdate: 12/07/1985 (age 31)
  • Height: 6'4
  • Weight: 225 Ib

He is signed to WWE, where his reign as WWE Uni...

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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Many have asked what ring gear Seth Rollins will wear now that he is no longer a part of The Shield faction, meaning him wearing the Shield-like vest is not an option. Apparently the discussion of what Rollins' ring-gear will be has been a big topic of discussion among WWE officials since the decision was made to turn him heel and separate him from the group.

Additionally, it's being said that Rollins is not going to be a member of the Evolution faction, as it appears that the Evolution faction -- with Batista out of the picture -- may no longer be around.

For those wondering, it also appears that there are no plans to replace Rollins and add a third member to The Shield group, despite much speculation and a article that hyped potential replacements.

ORIGINAL: We can now confirm that Seth Rollins' heel turn was absolutely a last-minute decision. However, a source also reports that despite indications to the contrary, it was not a change from a planned Dean Ambrose turn either.

The source claims that the hints toward a Shield split in WWE Magazine (where Ambrose referred to his "former partners") and the Payback post-match interview (where Reigns gave Ambrose a nasty look) were not actually intending to lead into a heel turn whatever the speculation.

Basically put, it's not like there were plans to turn Ambrose, but at the last minute the company decided to go with Rollins instead. The idea to turn Rollins was a last-minute decision, and had nothing to do regarding whether or not Ambrose should be the guy -- if any -- to turn on the faction.