-- As previously reported, the Los Matadores are the repackaged Primo and Epico.

-- El Torito, the little bull character that debuted last night with the Los Matadores is Mascarita Dorada as we noted late last night here on the website.

-- The film Mission, a sci-fi Lucha Libre film, is looking for crowd funding via Indie Gogo (click this link). The film will star Mil Mascaras, who is a WWE Hall of Famer and the uncle of WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio.

Here is a description of the film: "In this sci-fi adventure, "Mr. Personality" will have to go into a dangerous and remote jungle that serves as a den for mysterious aliens invading Earth in order to destroy it. "Mission" will feature werewolves, robots, spiders, jungle, missionaries, Aliens, spaceships ... And wrestling, wrestling and wrestling!"

Mascaras has made several films over the course of his career.

The amount needed on the film is $125,000. So far it has earned $797.